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Aussie Puppy Photography in Monmouth, Maine | Smiling Acres Farm Australian Shepherd Puppies

As you may have noticed, my Pet Portrait brand is fairly new, but I dove in head first and am so excited! I've taken photos of 50+ pups at the Pet Rock in the Park Photo Booth, I've been doing exciting dog photography in the studio, and working with hedgehogs, bearded dragons, and kitties! I recently had the pleasure of working with Sherry at Smiling Acres Farm, an Australian Shepherd breeder in Monmouth, Maine. I took a bunch of my gear over to Historic Monmouth, Maine (I'd never been, there's a serious piece of architecture, there!) and set up in the puppies' room. We met eight little puppies, all of whom already had their own distinct little personalities. Read on to see a profile of each pup, and to learn more about Smiling Acres and about the breed!


Tell me a little bit about your mission as a breeder.

"Our mission is to be an ethical Australian Shepherd breeder while promoting this amazing breed by maintaining their health, unique nature, temperament and personal characteristics. We strive to provide top quality dogs, with the main focus on excellent temperaments, to loving families and service homes throughout the country. We offer a lifetime guarantee against genetic conditions and defects. We also offer a one-year guarantee for all general health issues."

Where are you located and what is your facility like?

"Smiling Acres is located in Monmouth Maine. We are honest and dedicated to our Australian Shepherds. Each dog has been carefully chosen to join our breeding program and has been raised in a healthy, loving environment. In our personal opinion, there is no better dog in the world than an Aussie. Whether it be cuddles, walks, running, frisbee, hikes, swimming, riding, agility training or working livestock, an Aussie will be your sidekick for a lifetime."

Tell me about your health guarantee to your puppies.

"Our Australian Shepherds have been genetically tested and cleared through PawPrint Genetics Lab. We personally guarantee a happy and healthy puppy. It is strongly encouraged to continue proper nutrition through our premium pet food partnership.

We choose not to ship puppies and prefer to have face to face meetings with our puppy buyers. All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and seen by a licensed veterinarian before going to their new homes. Each puppy will come with a veterinary health certificate."

Now for the good stuff, let's get talking about this litter!

"This is the Yuppy Puppy Litter DOB: 08/16/19

This litter was bred by Outlaw’s Whispering Echo (dad) to Itty Bitty Scout (mom) at Smiling Acres. Both parents have excellent temperaments and are extremely affectionate. These babies will mature to be approximately the same size as the parents, which is 25 pounds and 16 inches tall. Echo carries the Natural bobtail gene and had two puppies with NBT, all other tails were docked at 3 days old, all dew claws were removed at the same time. If you want to learn more about the reason behind this breed standard, check out this ASPCA position."

Keep scrolling to learn more about each individual puppy!


These beauties will be ready for their forever homes on Friday 10/11/19 (Columbus Day weekend). Check out the available pups and learn more about Smiling Acres on their Good Dog profile.


Chanel is a stunning blue merle with both blue eyes and she has a natural bobtail like her mama. She's very s sweet and loves all of the human cuddles she can get. At three weeks, she's the biggest girl in the litter by a whole 2 oz.


Calvin is a red merl with exceptional copper points. He's the calmest of the bunch, as you can tell looking at the portraits above of him swaddled like a newborn. He has blue eyes, although it seems he has some green marbling happening. Calvin is a popular pup and is already reserved for adoption; he is going to a loving home with a big brother!


Vivi is a red tri with exceptional markings who also has a natural bob tail. She is also a cuddle bug and loves to be held by her humans. She's content to be anywhere her people are and she let my 6 year old daughter cuddle her like a baby during the entire session!


Boss had an ear infection when I visited so he was wobbling around with vertigo. I felt bad, but it was also really endearing. He is a happy boy with a quiet demeanor who likes to explore the life happening around him. He has one blue and one brown eye and is reserved for adoption.


Benny is a red tri who was the biggest of his siblings born at a whopping 13 oz! He has a bold blue eye and a rich copper colored coat. He's a love bug who is constantly seeking human affection and who also likes to hang out with his siblings and climb all over his dad.


Diesel is a black bi, and he was born at only 9 oz, the smallest of his siblings. His eyes are a striking blue that are now turning brown. He's an adventurous boy and was the first pup to climb out of the whelping pen at only two weeks old. He loves snuggles, but is quick to sneak off to find new places to explore.


Gabbie is another red tri girl with the cutest little white mark on her head. She has two blue eyes that are starting to darken as she ages. She is smart, attentive and affectionate and will make a well behaved and loyal companion someday.


Levi is a red spotted pup with icy blue eyes. He's loving towards his siblings and is calm and content in just about any situation. He's also very independent and is usually found away from the pack content to do his own thing.

Buying Portraits of Your Pup:

If you become the lucky family who someday gets to adopt one of these sweet souls, then you're in luck, because I have prints or wall art of their puppy pictures available! Artwork of these beautiful animals are for sale to the families who adopt them, and half of the profits will be given to the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, a cause that Smiling Acres Farm is really passionate about. Check out some of our products on the website and get in touch if you'd like to come see our samples or inquire more about putting some art in your home.

If you're looking to book a Pet Portrait Experience, get in touch and let's meet up to talk about the process. It's a fun and wonderful experience for both you and your pup, and you'll always treasure the legacy art that you'll be able to hang in your home and brag to all of your friends about :)

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