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Emily and Adam had a dreamy fall wedding at Beech Hill Barn in Maine, an ideal location for foliage! There are mountains in the distance, but only after a long valley filled with bright yellow and orange trees. Driving to the barn, you wouldn't know the beauty that was behind it, I was stunned! The day was a cold and rainy one, and a grey fog covered most of the scenery for a good portion of the day. Luckily, though, I think we caught just the right moment for some couples portraits where the fog had dissipated. The essence of this wedding was true to Emily and Adam in the best of ways: pizza, lawn games, and low-key fun without too many expectations. Even when it was time to cut the cake, someone yelled "Feed it to him!" and Emily walked away saying "nah, we're not doing that, just eat a cupcake."


Did you know that Emily's dad (and the couple) made all of those lawn games, including the put-put and connect-four?! I'm going to need to buy one of those giant connect fours, I love that game.

Beech Hill Barn wedding photographer in Maine

These two came into my life just at the right time. I had just taken a big leap of faith and decided that instead of being just like every other photographer, I'd take a stand and offer only eco-friendly products. Why? Well, because as much as we don't want to admit it, sometime in the future our frames, albums, art, and all the rest of our stuff will be waste. It may be in 500 years, but it will happen. That is true particularly if the things we're choosing aren't timeless, but are meant to be cheap purchases to satisfy a quick craving. As an expert who's guiding people in the types of art to buy, I just couldn't stand the thought of endorsing any type of product that isn't the best quality that will make people want to cherish and take care of it, or the kind of product that is all plastic, toxins, and other bad stuff that can only go into a landfill.

My partner wasn't very supportive - he tends to take the McDonald's approach make it cheap and something that everyone likes and it'll work out. NAH, I'm more of the specialty organic bistro kind of business, where values and sustainability are the basis of what I do. I was feeling a little down on myself the day I launched my updated site, because I know that this stuff takes ti, but also because I just didn't have any support.

BUT THEN . . . then Emily emailed me and this is part of what she said "We love your commitment to sustainability, equality, and supporting local. Your work is also beautiful!"

Come on, I cried for a second and then I ran to my partner and did the "told ya so" thing (don't judge). Then I emailed her back asap and it was only a short while later that we shot their engagement session in Portland when they were home visiting family. I get along with most people, but I definitely clicked with these two right off the bat. Both of them care deeply about the world's problems and have dedicated their life to doing their part to make it a better place for people who don't have the same sorts of privileges. In addition, they're both super eco-friendly and had shopped together for a Vria and Oro ring because they felt that their mission was one that deeply resonated with them.

Emily also wore a nail polish called Lobster Bisque, which is beside the point, but totally cool. Check that engagement session out here.

While I think these two are the, I'll let them tell you a little of their story:

How did you meet and who made the first move?

We met on our first day of Band Camp before our freshman year at Boston College. Both of us attempted to play the sousaphone, only one succeeded (hint: it's the one who is taller than a sousaphone). We also had a theatre class together that semester and Adam made the first move by asking Emily out in return for all the times she used his textbook. He ended the first date by serenading her with his ukulele.

Tell me about when you knew that it was a forever relationship.

Neither of us can remember a specific time or event where this happened. In the first few years of our relationship we spent so much time just learning and growing and becoming adults that we just naturally became a forever part of each others' lives.

What's the most exciting/horrible date you've been on?

For our first anniversary, we went to see a Blue Man Group show in Boston. Shortly after finding our seats, a staff member came over to ask us to be part of the show! Essentially, our role was to "arrive late" (really we just watched the first 15 minutes of the show from the sound booth) and have the Blue Men give us angry looks as a spotlight followed us to our seats. It was a lot of fun and also mildly terrifying.

Each of you, what is your favorite quirk about the other?

Emily- My favorite quirk about Adam is that he can't go more than a week without making a reference to The West Wing (his favorite show--he's watched it in its entirety at least four times).

Adam- My favorite quirk about Emily is her frequent attempts to use our cat Minnie to make decisions for her. She does this by presenting two options and then alternating saying the two options until Minnie meows after one of them (she almost never meows).

Take a look through their wedding portraits below, and if you have any questions about vendors, there's a list at the end. Make sure you leave a comment and share the love!

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