Maddie and Ian | Backyard Coastal Wedding | Boothbay, Maine

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Maddie and Ian met in High school, as a freshman (him) and a junior ( her). They were both track and field junkies who became friends over - wait for it - Facebook messages. I suspect that some of those messages may have been on Myspace. YAS.

Early cell phone and social media based off of clunky desktops turned into lunches together, runs in the woods together, and hallway stalking just to get in a "hi." He was persistent in a respectful and slight way until the chance came for Ian to ask Maddie to a homecoming dance where they kissed and he immediately spilled the news to his circle of friends.

From then on, even while Maddie was at college and Ian was still doing the high school thing, the long distance didn't remain a substantial factor or a problem in their relationship, and they knew that this was it, the relationship that would last their lifetimes.

What's the most exciting/horrible date you've been on?

Ian: "When I first got my license, Maddie was already off studying at UMaine. One of the first things I did with my new freedom was drive up to surprise her. On the first long weekend in the spring, I packed my mom's beat-up Buick Century with a couple changes of clothes, and set off on the 90 minute drive to Bangor. Of course, Maddie was surprised to see me, and we spent the weekend walking around UMaine's campus. Spring in Maine is a little unique, however. I rolled out of bed on Sunday, ready to pack up and drive back for school on Monday, but the beautiful spring weather was nowhere to be found. Not interested in driving back in a snow storm, I remained at UMaine until Wednesday, although it didn't take me much convincing."

Newly liberated high school kid staying almost a week with his cool, college girlfriend? I'd say that's an exciting date!

Each of you, what is your favorite quirk about the other?

Maddie: "My favorite quirk about Ian is how passionate and excited he gets about his chemistry, that he talks so fast and scientifically and I just silently nod my head and smile (since I have no idea what’s going on – but I’m so happy for him!)."

Note: Ian is an MIT grad in chemical engineering and he's basically a genius.

Ian: "Her oddball sense of humor. Maddie can make a single sound or say a couple of words that might go unnoticed by everyone, but will have me rolling on the floor laughing."

Each of you, what is the most beautiful and captivating piece of the other?

Maddie: "Ian is the smartest person I know. I can ask him anything and he’ll give me a good answer (even if it’s just wrong but funny). He has a passion for education and what he studies that is really inspiring. We also grew up together, essentially. So it's been a journey seeing each other grow with one another. "

Ian: "Her multitasking brain, and how she's always planning for us. For example: we were recently discussing which containers to buy to store beverages at the wedding. Here I am, trying to compare dimensions, and thinking about how to stack cans most efficiently around ice, and Maddie suggests we get the galvanized tub, because it would look good if we reused it to hold towels. 'But we already have a towel holder,' I respond. 'But later on, when we have a bigger place, and more towels! Where will we put those?'"

Their wedding was in East Boothbay at a family home. We took a trip across the water to Squirrel Island, where there are a ton of beautiful and dramatic photo locations. The boat ride was smooth, so I hung out over the edge to snap some pictures. I love this shot of Maddie, she looks so happy and full of anticipation!