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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Puppy photography in Portland, Maine

Hey, there, pet lovers! I'm Emily of Elusive Photography, a boutique Pet Photography studio in Maine. We provide in-studio pet portraits that are fun and spunky, but also timeless showstoppers. Last weekend, we had a booth at the Pet Rock in the Park event at Deering Oaks Park in Portland and it was a chaotic blast! We got to meet a ton of sweet puppies and even a bearded dragon.

The Pet Portrait Session giveaway winner is ElliaMae! If you entered that giveaway, we sent you an email with a follow up offer, so make sure to check that out.

We offered a Pet Photo Booth on site which was a BLAST! This was the perfect opportunity to photograph the personalities of many different pups and meet their loving humans. This is a preview of the Photo Booth, so share this on your Facebook page, email it to your friends and family, and share all of these adorable pups with anyone who would enjoy them.

The photo booth was fun for many pups, it's a cool perk, it's quick, and it's free! But, for some pups, the anxiety, the loud music, and other barking dogs made them uncomfortable and unwilling. If your pup wasn't willing to hop in the photo booth, or if their photo includes a comforting hand, a frightened look, or any other hazard of an event like this, then you may want to consider coming in for a full pet portrait session.

Perks of a full Pet Portrait Sessions:

  • They can last an hour or more because we build in plenty of time for your pup to come off leash, sniff around, and get comfortable with the environment. Not all dogs need this time, but it's available in case they do.

  • It is cool in the studio, it's big and bright, and it's free of loud, startling noises. We also have treats and toys to keep them happy.

  • We can chose from a variety of backgrounds including bright white, bold pink, soft purples, pinks, greens, blues, or neutral cream or grey. This means that the portraits will surely match your home's decor and be part of your beloved home for generations.

  • You can bring any pup siblings because full Pet Portrait Sessions have the space and time to get multiple pups to cooperate.

Dog photography studio in Portland, Maine
Bentley the Golden Retriever Pup

Professional pet photographer in Maine

About the Session:

If you're thinking about investing in a full Pet Portrait Session, here's what you can expect. I am invested in creating portraits for your home, that fit your style and aesthetics, and that will be forever pieces in your home. I'm a print artist first, and that means that my primary goal is creating wall art and albums that are timeless and luxurious. This means that your pet photography session is a collaborative process so I can be sure to create the style of image perfect for you and your dog's personality. My dog is a Serious Sally, so the silly images just don't suit her. Instead, I dress her up in royal collars and set her in a bed of flowers 😍

After we collaborate and style your pet's session, we'll meet to shoot. You are your pet's best friend, so you will be the one handling them for the session. After we're done shooting for 10 final proof images, we'll set a time for an in-person reveal and ordering session - usually these are the same day if you have a morning session. How exciting to have your images the same day they were taken!

What the heck is an in-person reveal and ordering session? Maybe you're used to photographers who send you an email with your images a few weeks after they were taken, and that makes sense because it's the most common type of photography. You may have noticed by now, but my main focus is print art, which means albums, canvases, prints, framed prints, and all other types of physical products. Even though digital items are pervasive and basically on our person all the time, physical products are still the most archival method of photography around, and they're just a wonderful art form to have in your home.

Who wants that painting from Target that 50,000 other people have in their home? You could have your pup's joyful face instead!

Clients who come to me do so for the physical art, and it really takes an in-person meeting to order the correct pieces because it takes a lot of guidance from us to help you find the right pieces and images for your home. Think about it, if there were no return policy, you would think twice about guessing at buying clothes online, you'd probably go to a store in person for a second opinion and to try them on. So, the in-person reveal and ordering session will be scheduled either the same day or within the next few days. We'll meet at my studio and I'll show you the images and then we'll look at ordering art pieces for your home, your office, and wherever you can put images of your fluffy puppy! I have samples available and I have the ability to do custom gallery wall or sizing mock-ups on demand to help you in your decision making.

Trust me, having a white glove service with guidance from an expert is a perk you didn't know you were missing.

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Photo Booth Photos:

Because of the volume of the Pet Rock Photo Booth, in-person ordering will be scheduled by request only. I will have an active online gallery, but I recommend that anyone looking to buy art come into the studio for an ordering session so you can chose any finishes, cropping, sizes, etc.

The full gallery will be sent out on Saturday, there you'll have access to ordering art of your pup and you'll be able to download the watermarked, social media sized file for sharing online. Make sure you tag me when you share online, we love to see these happy little faces! Here are the Facebook and Instagram accounts, give them a like and a follow while you're there!

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Max the Beardie

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Family Photography Opportunities:

We also specialize in family photography from maternity any beyond, so if you're looking for a more family-centric photography session, check out our Maine Family Photography! You can take a peek at the Welcome Guide here for a glimpse at what a session looks like. In general, family sessions are outdoors, so if you're looking for nature and humans, family sessions are for you.

There is a Limited Edition Session coming up, so take a look at that to see if it fits your family's needs. It includes up to 8 proof images, so if you're looking for a small variety to update the yearly portraits, consider RSVP'ing! We only do these a couple times per year and this year it's at Pineland Farms, so grab a spot before it's gone!