Camden Maine Wedding | Jamie + Maria | Point Lookout

Jamie and Maria got married at their dream location - Point Lookout in Northport, Maine, right next to Camden. I have been so excited to photograph a wedding at Point Lookout, and when I learned they were getting hitched here, I fell in love with them twice over! They love the Midcoast region and spend their sunsets and sunrises overlooking the coast, they even got engaged there! It was only fitting that they get married at one of the Midcoast's premier venues.

They came to me last year looking for engagement and wedding photography with a story I've heard from too many other LGBT couples - it was critical to have a photographer who was comfortable with their love, because they had already encountered experiences that had ruined the joy of being engaged. Guys, it's plain and simple. Love is a human capacity and we have no business telling another who they can and can't love.

For all of you amazing allies out there, scroll on and let's celebrate Jamie and Maria's love together!

These two met at a softball game, but then life took them in a different location for three years. When they finally ran into each other again, it clicked, and it was a forever thing.

They are major pup parents and love their furry girls more than anything! They couldn't join the wedding, so Maria got some shoes to honor their fluffy loves. Not only are these shoes adorable and perfect for photos, but they're also WAY better than the black sneakers she otherwise intended on wearing ;) I don't know about you, but I love a girl who shamelessly wears comfy shoes! (she's also a doctor of physical therapy, so, we should be taking notes.)

What's the most exciting/horrible date you've been on?

"For the first 6 months of our relationship, every weekend was spent exploring a new part of Maine, because Jamie is not from here. We would go hiking, looking for sea glass and taking our dogs swimming. Our most amazing and funniest date was taking our dogs to Ships Harbor for a hike. Our dog Lily got really excited to see water and ran to go jump in, Lily and Maria both ended up knee deep in a mug bog, while Jamie and our other dog Chloe watched from afar. Some tourist stood and laughed at us and we ended up having to throw our shoes away. The car ride home smelt so bad and there was mud EVERYWHERE. We still look back and laugh because it was our favorite story to tell people. "

Each of you, what is your favorite quirk about the other?

Maria: My favorite quirk about Jamie is No matter how big the mess I made, she always cleans up after me.

Jamie: My favorite quirk about Maria is, no matter how much I encourage her to use a napkin or eat over her plate, she ends up with food everywhere. She always makes me feel like I'm the best cook around, even when I know the food isn't fantastic.

Each of you, what is the most beautiful and captivating piece of the other?

Jamie: No matter the person or situation, Maria was always put the other person first. She is the most selfless and caring person I have ever met and has the most beautiful and caring heart.

Maria: Her eyes. Jamie shows all of her love, happiness, and passion through her eyes.

When it was first look time, these two checked each other out like I've never seen before! Maria got wild and had some makeup secretly put on, and Jamie was totally shocked! As a non-makeup wearer myself, I can appreciate how much thought it took to be able to give that little gift to her soon-to-be wife. Jamie, of course, looked like an absolute queen with her gown that flowed in the wind and her jeweled bodice. Maria was watching me photograph Jamie later in the evening and whispered "she doesn't take a bad picture, does she?" My heart got all teary eyed right then and there, and she's right! Jamie is stunning and really doesn't take a bad photo!

For couples portraits, we took a drive down the hill to the resort's waterfront property because they love that old barn down there. I love the beach, so I made them hike a little out to the water, and it was totally worth it!

When it was ceremony time, the forecasted rain clouds rolled away to reveal a spotted and blue sky which made the grass sing its vibrant green song! Some joy, laughter, tears, and hilarious vows later, and these two were officially wife and wife, witnessed by a large group of supportive and wonderful friends and family!

Cocktail hour was filled with a beautiful table of charcuterie while Maria's dad played the piano. The first dance was touching, but it was even more amazing when Maria sneakily asked the DJ to play one of Jamies favorite fun songs, which caught her by surprise and led to invigorating laughter and dancing between the two. I totally teared up. I mean, sure, sweet things make me cry, so do sad things and mostly all other things, but this moment was such a tangible joy that my happy tears couldn't contain themselves. At dinner, Maria soaked her food in about a gallon of ketchup and she also did that kid thing where the napkin gets tucked into the neck of your clothes to protect you from a mess . . . now Jamies comment about messy eating makes sense 😂🤣😂

By the end of the night, these two were so deep in the love of their family and each other that nothing was going to bring them down. That is all I ever wish for my couples, and this wedding did not disappoint. I truly look forward to watching these two grow and start their family, whether that be a human or more pups - maybe there will be some follow up blogs!

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