Maryann + Dustin | Cape Elizabeth, Maine | Boho Fall Wedding

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Maryann and Dustin met on Tinder which consisted of conversations full of Canadian jokes. Maryann is from the Northeast, but lived in Chicago for long enough to be shocked when Dustin showed up to their first date wearing TWO plaid shirts layered on top of one another. To this day, he swears the top one counted as a jacket because it was thicker - but, I just don't know about that . . .

They have an adorable pup, Lucky, they are really into the arts (Dustin and Lily talk ballet and theater), Maryann is absolutely hilarious, and, they care about the planet! YAY! They used ethical jewelers, one of whom is local and does incredible work, their flowers were foraged and local, they borrowed their ceremony arbor from my studio (I LOVE SEEING PEOPLE REUSE THINGS!!!), and they composted all of the waste from their wedding! Dustin gladly updated me afterwards that there were only two bags, because while they composted, they also tried to reduce that waste as much as possible. At one point, Maryann noticed that the caterers had put out plastic utensils, so she asked for them to be put away to keep them out of their waste stream. Later, Dustin realized that even though they had provided compostable toothpicks, the ones with the plastic flags at the top made it into the appetizers and onto his plate. He promptly made an announcement asking everyone to take the plastic off and give it to him personally so that he could throw it away and not contaminate the compost. During the same speech, Maryann started off by reminding everyone to register and to vote!

I cried.


Use your power to benefit society!

Anyway, back to these fab people. Dustin said that his favorite thing about Maryann is this little happy dance she does, he says it's his life goal to get her to do that. Well, Dustin, as I hope you can see in the photos, you made Maryann do a happy dance/wiggle/jump/shake the ENTIRE wedding ceremony. Seriously, see for yourself!

I'd say that it was all about the brilliant way that you sang her down the aisle as she danced in the smuggest of ways (they live a self-proclaimed #smuglife), but I think it's actually that she just really, really loves you.


Here's an excerpt of their questionnaire, because some things I just can't paraphrase as well as they say it:

Tell me about when you knew that it was a forever relationship.

Maryann: I can't pinpoint the exact date, it was more just a feeling that he was naturally a part of my life and I didn't want him to ever go away. Early in our relationship, Dustin was house hunting and would take me with him (I have really great opinions about other people's houses) - I secretly didn't want him to buy a place then, because I felt it was way too soon to move in together, but knew that I eventually wanted that. Luckily, he waited on the house.

Dustin: Maryann makes me laugh harder than anyone I've ever met. I don't know the exact moment, but I'm sure I was laughing when it happened.

What's the most exciting/horrible date you've been on?

Maryann: One time we were doing a scorpion bowl tour (of Saco/Biddeford) and the waitress thought Dustin was my dad. That was pretty awesome.

Dustin: That waitress was definitely [high]. In my mind our most exciting dates happen when we're traveling. We always manage to have a really fantastic time when we're in new places and exploring them together. Standouts for me include traditional french cuisine in a small cafe in Quebec City, and that time we ordered 6 different things in a China Town restaurant and they all turned out to be dumplings.

Each of you, what is your favorite quirk about the other?

Maryann: Dustin shouts out "3 DOLLARS! THAT'S HIGHWAY ROBBERY!" every single time we drive through the York toll plaza (which is a lot). It always makes me laugh and roll my eyes at the same time.

Dustin: Every time Maryann eats something delicious or accomplishes something dastardly she does this little "happy dance" that is so adorable I can't help but smile. Getting her to do the happy dance is now one of my life goals.

Each of you, what is the most beautiful and captivating piece of the other?

Dustin: What captivates me about Maryann is her honesty and her strength - she inspires me and challenges me in a way that continuously stimulates my own personal development both as an individual and as a partner. I love her in every light.

Maryann: Dustin is the most likable person I've ever met. People are drawn to him and his sunny personality. He's an amazing listener, and the most compassionate person I've ever met. He makes me want to be a better person. He's also really good at math, and being terrible at math myself, that really impresses me.

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Maryann + Dustin

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Venue: Sprague Hall

Wedding Planner: @saltyandsweetevents

Hair: @jennarenee85

Makeup: @nessacav

Bands: @chayastudiojewelry

Engagement Ring: @alexisrusselljewelry

Florist: @fruitionflowers

Cake: @sugasugaportland

Cupcakes: @_alliekins_

Caterer: @pizzabyfire

Dress: @BHLDN

Suit: @indochino (Thanks, @podsaveamerica ),

Ties: @thetiebar

Cuff bracelet: Nancy Nelson Jewelry

Wedding Party Earrings: Tiny Anvil

DJ: @seacoast_sound_productions

Event Rentals: @onestopeventrentals

Compostable Dinnerware: @webstaurantstore

Composting: @garbagetogarden