Kelsey and Jonathan | Private Backyard Wedding | Central Maine

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

When Kelsey reached out to me, she told me that she was having a wedding at her home and that she was DIYing it. I was really excited because most of my weddings are intimate weddings, and lots are on the private property of family members. Over time, she kept downplaying it like it wasn't going to be a big deal. When I showed up at the location on the day of her wedding, I was BLOWN AWAY. I mean, every detail was planner-level good and it was phenomenal. Just take look for yourself.

They had a tent full of long, family style tables, with unique vintage settings making everyone's seat a little different. I'll admit to taking note of each glass and choosing my top five favorites - sometimes I just do stuff like that. Categories are good. The food was made at home and was a delicious array of what most families can identify with eating on a summer weekend get-together. There was even a beautiful pile of cornbread that I watched quite a few people sneak two of. The dialogue went something like this: "Can I have two? I don't think I can but I will anyway; I'll hide it." or "I don't think I can have two, but if I skip a roll, then it still counts as two pieces of bread right?" I love watching people find ways to justify two pieces of cornbread.

The flowers were bought in bulk and the ladies put them together the day before. How cool is that? Laughing over making bouquets is so much better than watching Magic Mike with your group of friends. (Don't hate me for saying that). Kelsey's rings are from Melanie Casey, a jeweler I've been dying to see at one of my weddings. I finally got the chance and they are perfect! Kelsey, a girl like me who almost never wears makeup, has a sister who is a really cool hair and makeup artist. You will know her in the photos, she's the one looking like a flawless queen who's not the bride. She did the makeup and her co-worker did everyone's hair. Kelsey got her stunning gown from BHLDN, and she was so beyond excited about it. She was so excited to put it on that she almost wore it with the tag still attached :) It happens to the best of us!

Their wedding favor was their favorite Stonewall Kitchen flavors - which is a really cool idea AND didn't contain any plastic! You wanna know another amazing thing? Not only did the guests use real, re-used table wear, but Kelsey also had paper straws and bamboo utensils! There seriously is no excuse for single-use plastic items, and Kelsey is awesome enough to show us a beautiful way to have a cleaner, greener wedding. Thank you! Ohh, and that cake with flamingo toppers? Definitely the most fun I've seen yet.

While all of those details are nice and beautiful, the real wonder about this wedding was the family and all of their love. The goal of the wedding was to bring people together and celebrate, even in the wake of a family member's recent passing. Hopefully the photos tell that story, the one of a kind of love that overcomes even the most gut wrenching loss. Jonathan and Kelsey didn't only gain a cool spouse, they gained a very large and sort of wild extended family. There's a dad with wicked dance skills, a mom who can sort of jam out to 90's rap hits, three amazing sisters, and a whole bunch of nieces and nephews. Ohh, and did I mention their beautiful dog Ruby (Reuben, 'cause he looks like the sandwich)? He knew exactly when to check out the humans if he felt strong emotions happening, and the rest of the time he just chilled. I think some people may have attended the wedding just to pet him.


Scroll down and check out this incredible wedding, surrounded by all sorts of love and the lush greenery and bright sun of late summer. These two deserve all the happiness in the world!