Abi + Errol | Cherryfield, Maine | Mid-Coast Maine Summer Weddings

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Abi and Errol got hitched in August in Abi's hometown in Cherryfield, Maine. I had never been there, but I quickly discovered that it's a beautiful little historic town, AND it's where all of the commercially grown Maine blueberries come from! I wish I'd have scheduled in some extra time to stop and pick some organic berries (queue tears of regret).

These two are dedicated, a little shy, and oh, so in love. They study dance and science together, partake in all things performing arts, and even spend their off-time hiking the wilderness of Utah watching the sun and nature do it's thing in the quiet peace of each-other's presence. I love their classic, timeless looks, Errol's silly faces, and Abi's infectious laugh. Instead of being a possibly inaccurate filter through which their story is told, here it is in first person:

How did you meet and who made the first move?

"We met at high school, when I was just a sophomore and Errol was a junior. We were both at Maine Central Institute as boarding students to study ballet at Bossov Ballet Theatre. It wasn't until almost a year later that we started to hang out. Errol actually proposed to me two different times during high school, once as a part of a drama production and the other during a skit we improvised with our competitive Improv team. At the time though, I didn't quite take the hint! After several months of hanging out, long walks off and around campus, and dancing together, Errol asked me out on April 11. The first move is a bit of a controversial thing, however, because we both claim to have made it at different times during that year. It depends on which one of us you ask!"

Tell me about when you knew that it was a forever relationship.

Abi- "I remember the first year that Errol went to University. I was still a senior in highschool, so we were trying a year of a long distance relationship. Almost every night we would skype/call and talk for 2-4 hours (if not more!). It would be 3am and I wouldn't want to hang up because we still had so much to talk about. The first time he was returning home to Maine I remember going to surprise him in the airport. Just seeing him after being apart for a while and seeing the look on his face when he recognized me in the airport made me realize that this man truly makes me happy."

Errol- "I knew from the start!"

Each of you, what is your favorite quirk about the other?

Abi- "It's hard to pick a favorite out of Errol's many quirks. I think one that never fails to amuse me is when we are ice skating and he always has to do the most ridiculous dance impersonations. He also gets really excited about finding new ways/ recipes to cook for dinner."

Errol- "Abi always wants to go new places and try new things. She gets excited talking about a new play in the Off Broadway Theater. Her adventurous spirit always leads to new and exciting experiences."