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Dorset, Vermont wedding photographer

Julia and Matt are friends of mine from law school. Well, Julia is. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt at their engagement photography session in Portland, Maine last fall when he enthusiastically told me about the science he does for work. I smiled and nodded because, I just have no clue about cellular biology . . . or whatever it is. These two have a chemistry that goes so far beyond what I expected, they are both silly and laugh hysterically together, and there was hardly a moment when one of us wasn't keeled over. I was so excited to photograph their summer wedding in the mountain region of Vermont, and when the day came, it did not disappoint!

Matt warned me a few months ago to come prepared, because he has a big Greek family and they would be loud and rambunctious. If any of you out there know me well, you'll know that this is my element (completely aside from the fact that Greek cuisine of all sorts is my favorite - except ouzo, anise is the worst flavor)! I am not shy, and I have a super loud voice, so I fit right in - especially with that one uncle who kept announcing that it was my fault if he got arrested by the FBI. Just out of precaution, you won't find him in these photos. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

Anyway, back to the couple. Dorset, Vermont was the wedding location because Julia's mom has a stunning home there. They chose to get married in the town church and then have the party in the mountainous yard - it was gorgeous. That morning, I took my family on a little hike and we just happened to look down on the town, it was picturesque. Even though it literally poured rain with thunder and lightning about an hour before the ceremony, the rest of the day was gorgeous!

How did you meet and who made the first move?

We met in Boston. I was working at a law firm in the Seaport and was friends with one of his roommates. She insisted we meet, and we waited 6 months. Finally, we bumped into each other at a party at their apartment and hit it off. He says he made the first move. It's still up for debate.

What's the most exciting/horrible date you've been on?

Travelling in a blizzard to Montreal from Boston. It involved finding a kennel to board my cat last minute, broken windshield wipers, and a tee shirt to grip the icy road so we weren't stranded. Might also be when we learned it was a forever relationship, as we learned some great communication skills that weekend!

Manchester, Vermont wedding photography

Each of you, what is your favorite quirk about the other?

Julia: I find it hilarious (and sometimes maddening) that Matthew has to yell everything he says (nature of a Greek, I guess).

Matthew: On the theme of hilarious yet maddening -- she has to be on the very edge of the bed, teetering on the edge of sleeping and injury. My spooning doubles as a life-saving maneuver.

Each of you, what is the most beautiful and captivating piece of the other?

Julia: his patience. I know I'm not the easiest person sometimes, but he takes it all in stride and loves me just the same.

Matthew: her sense of adventure.

Dorset, Vermont wedding photography and birdseed toss
The Birdseed Toss!

Ok, real talk for a moment. I sometimes have the pleasure of providing my opinion during the planning process for future couples and the whole exit thing comes up frequently. What do we toss? Do we use sparklers? What's eco-friendly (the most important Q)? Oftentimes someone will chime in and mention that the little things will get in and mess up the couple's hair/veil and wouldn't be a good idea.

But, seriously, LOOK AT THESE BIRDSEED PHOTOS!!! These are SO fun! Yea, it totally got in Julia's hair, but the photos of guests having an absolute ball tossing the seeds, the couple cringing in anticipation, and the photos after of dedicated friends picking the seeds out are exactly the types of photos that modern couples are looking for. They're beautiful, full of joy and visceral emotion, and they make the viewer excited while looking at them. A few pieces of birdseed/dried flowers/Lavender/leaf confetti in the hair is so worth it!

Plus, the birdies were happy.

Vermont wedding photographer

Wedding party at Manchester, Vermont wedding

Dorset, Vermont wedding photography

Bridal Portrait at Manchester Vermont Wedding

Couples Portrait at Dorset, Vermont wedding

Julia + Matt

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Venue: Private Residence

Floral Designs: Jill @organicsnewleaf

Hair &Make Up: Rachel @americanhairlinessalon