Fall Family Event | Maine Family Photographer | Terra Cycle Flip-Flop Drive

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Every fall I set up an express session event and shoot a series of families back to back. I love it because it's efficient for me, and also accessible for families. I'll be the first to admit that scheduling and actually completing a full family session is not on my list of things to do as a mom, and I only have one kid who is incredibly well behaved - I have it easy. When I have families come to me for photos, I know that littles can't last longer then 20 minutes (if that) so I try my best to keep it short, to throw around some cheesy jokes, and to always take off in a dramatized run saying "bet ya' can't catch me" every time I feel a meltdown coming.

Somehow I always lose those races, hmm . . .

This is just a sample of the really fun photos each family has that you'll probably see re-posted on Instagram later on. Enjoy!

Each photography event we do is either a fund-raising drive, a food drive, or a recycling drive - because we really care about a lot of things. This event included our end-of-summer Flip Flop recycling box from Terra Cycle. Some of the families brought us their foam flip-flops that would have otherwise hit the landfill so that we can put them in our box and send them to Terra Cycle who will turn them into something new instead! If you're reading this and you think "Oh my gosh, I have flip-flops that I need to get rid of!" STOP. Don't toss them. Email me and get them to me somehow. Sure, one person's actions won't save the planet, but one person's actions influence the actions of others, and eventually everyone's collective actions will change the way humans impact the planet. Do good.

If you're looking to catch some family photos before the year is up, we have one last event on Saturday, November 3rd. Check it out and make sure you RSVP, we only have one available spot. Bring us your clean beauty product packaging so that we can recycle them! Shampoo bottles (that aren't taken by your municipal stream), makeup containers, chapstick tubes, sunscreen bottles . . . let's do it.