Family Photography in Palm Beach, Florida | Dinosaurs, a Ballerina, and Spider Man

Let me introduce you to this wonderful family of imaginative, beach loving kids who thought I was insane when I instructed them to act out their Reverie scenes in public. 😂 Basically they looked at me like I was nuts, and I have the images and facial expressions to prove it. But, hey, I have the final image in my mind, so it's alright! Right? 🤷🏼‍♀️

We shot this Spiderman scene and the really cool half dinosaur, half alligator beast in Pompano Beach, Florida during our Reverie Mini Session event! This is my first superhero scene and I am absolutely in love! Shoutout to mom who did a fabulous job instructing her boy on how to do the Spidey squat, it's perfect! The dinosaur thing needs a name, so if you have ideas, drop them in the comments below! I love his expression, because it really gives off the vibe of a Jurassic Park scientist who just went out in his course of daily business to reign in the wondering beast. My favorite thing about Reverie scenes is that they're ambiguous and every viewer has a different story!

This is a scene that's been in the making for a little while, a stage fit for only the most magical ballerinas and dancers. This custom outfit is perfect because it's a little vintage while still being youthful, fun, and totally extra with that cape! We shot this scene right on the sidewalk in Palm Beach! You'd never know that these images can pretty much be taken anywhere so long as I have control over my light :)

When we finished with their Reverie images, we met up with big sis and took some family shots. I tried to maintain order, but between the waves and watching silly videos of mom to get some laughs going, things got wild and everyone ended up wet from the knees down - including me. It's all worth it though, because these family images will be treasured for generations! What a treat to be able to show future generations who ask what life was like way back in 2019 . . . I wonder if they'll approve of our fashion choices?

See more Reverie kids photography in the portfolio, and you can search the photography blog for more of our past sessions! We also provide family photography, especially if it's on the beach!

These images were created during a recent photography trip to Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, and Palm Beach Florida. We are based in Maine, but work all over New England, parts of the Midwest including Columbus, Cincinnati, and Chicago, and we work in various parts of Florida! If you're not local to New England, contact us and we'll let you know our upcoming travel schedules. If we're not headed to your area soon, we can always add a trip!

All products may be purchased through the final client gallery. You can find more information about our eco-friendly products on the Products page, and you can always drop by the studio or set up a FaceTime appointment so we can help you decide what's best for your home and your art! These mock ups are available for all clients to help visualize the correct sizes. We recommend canvas for Reverie and Kids art because they're the most indestructible option. Albums are great too if you have enough images, like for a family session like this one.

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