Fryeburg Maine Wedding at Hardy Farm | Courtney and Kat

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

It's been four long weeks and it's time to celebrate Courtney and Kat's marriage all over again! Start here with this slideshow, grab a drink press play. Then, when it's over, scroll through the photos, learn a little bit about these two, and then share to social media and with all of your family and friends!

While you're here, comment your favorite memories from the wedding below and let's turn this into a little memory book! I know, I know, my website host makes you "log in" (I can't remove it) but I promise I'm not going to be annoying about it, it's just to keep the jelly-haters out!

Courtney and Kat got married at Hardy Farm, a beautiful wedding venue in Fryeburg, Maine. It's perfect for them because it has an outdoor ceremony spot deep in the pine forest, but it also has a beautiful tented area, a yard for cocktail hour, and a barn for dancing! Farms and barn venues get a reputation for only being able to handle rustic or vintage-chic types of weddings, but Courtney, who is herself a wedding planner, took her day in a whole different direction with a rich blue, rusty florals, and lots of celestial touches. Stereotypes be damned!

I'm so lucky to know these two and to have been trusted to photograph their wedding. When I met them, I learned that Novare Res, a restaurant in Portland, was really important to them because the latin name means "to start a revolution." As a person who lives outside of the norms and feels constant pressure to conform, I understand exactly where they're coming from because it's pretty much revolutionary trying to live confidently as your authentic self in a world that doesn't always want to accept that. However, it wasn't until their wedding, when I met their friends and support groups and listened to the heartfelt speeches that I fully understood the incredible, strong, joyful, revolutionary world in which they are lucky enough to live.

To all of you wedding "professionals" who won't work with LGBTQ couples, you're really missing something wonderful.

Hardy Farm wedding photography

Anyway, let me step down off my soap box and get back to Courtney and Kat! They have this weird cycle of life events that took their closest circle of friends around the country, then to New York City, then back to Maine. It was in NY where they met via mutual friends, ended up joking about kicking the men out of the lesbian bar, and bonding over more drinks and a kitty named after a drag queen. Courtney has a deep intuition and was drawn to Kat immediately even though she wasn't looking to date, but after only a couple months (very lesbian of her, she says) she knew this was going to be her wife!

Kat is quiet, but she will throw out zingers that you only barely hear, and when she laughs at herself in an understated way, it's the most contagious kind of laughter. Courtney is a much more extroverted kind of energy, and it's one that you can't help but feel comfortable around. They work together in a very intimate and intertwined way, and it's really magnetic. For instance, when I was interacting with them - and you can see this in the portrait progression, particularly the garden portraits - Kat would sometimes start to feel awkward or uncomfortable. I didn't interrupt like I normally would, because Courtney is so attuned to Kat that she would reach out her hand to show some physical affection and diffuse Kat's uncomfortable feelings without ever saying a word. I work with couples all the time and I consider myself quite psychological with a killer intuition, but I've never seen this sort of connection. One touch of the hand and some eye contact and all of those bad feelings left, how magical is that?

Courtney and Kat had beautiful details for their day. Their "unplugged" sign will forever be my favorite, sassy sign, even though some guests didn't oblige their request . . . naughty.

They filled their tables with vintage glass, organically grown florals, and a wonderful - possibly genius - combination of dark blue and rust/gold colors. I'm a wimp and would never be brave enough to even think of that color combo, but it is by far one of the best and most creative designs I've ever seen! Their table place cards had touches of watercolor and paint splatter and were held on a board by little clothes pins. This was so funny because I ran into multiple men who pinned these cards on their shirt pocket like a name tag 😂🤣

vintage wedding jewelry and Maine wedding photography

These are some questions I ask the couple before the wedding, I always get fun answers! By the way, it's totally quirky to confidently crack open a beer anytime, anywhere.

What's the most exciting/horrible date you've been on?

Surprising Kat with a fancy night out to see a burlesque show with dinner in NYC. I planned it because I felt like we needed to reconnect in a fun, new way and wanted to have an intimate date night with her. It definitely is one of my favorite memories in New York.

Each of you, what is your favorite quirk about the other?

Courtney: I'm not sure if this is a quirk but I think it's cool how Kat can open beer bottles with just about anything

Kat: I like how Courtney is kinda witchy and spiritual

Each of you, what is the most beautiful and captivating piece of the other?

Courtney: I think the most beautiful part of Kat is her resilience despite trauma and obstacles. She is such an inspiration to me and always makes me feel like everything will be alright.

Kat: everything