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Little baby Cayden's parents reached out to me looking for newborn photography after he was already born. I get this request a lot, from parents who weren't prepared, who had a baby come early, or who decided to get newborn photography at the last minute. Hey, I was one of those parents too, except I didn't have the opportunity to get newborn photos of my girl at all - that's one of the reasons I do what I do! I'm so grateful his parents contacted me, because this cozy little newborn photography session with baby Cayden is a dream! Read on to learn about what a newborn session with us looks like in the Westbrook, Maine studio, and about our new, in-person reveal and ordering sessions. Also, this little boy is a doll, so you've gotta check out the photos.

Newborn baby boy photography in Portland, Maine

I've been transitioning lately into a more customized, personable photography experience that's focused on the art products and the human connection to them, instead of just the digital files. I can talk all day about the benefits of having prints over files, and the horror stories of very important photos being lost ten years after the fact. For a variety of reasons, my photography is now structured to encourage physical product purchases and an investment in those fine art pieces, not just the (totally unsatisfying) digital download.

Of course every family may opt to still purchase digital files as part of a Collection, but they're paired with physical products as well. Recently, the Print Box has been a favorite! Check out our Newborn Photography price guide to learn more about how a session works and what product purchases look like. To me, it's important that the full pricing structure is transparent and available to everyone, I know I'd pass on a business if I couldn't tell pricing from their website!

Dad and newborn baby boy portrait at Elusive Photography's studio
Dad and baby portraits are so fun!

After every Newborn photography session is complete and after the photographs are finished, I will invite the family back to the studio for a reveal session on my (new addition to the studio) tv. This is a fun way to see your photos for the first time, and the anticipation is awesome! It's also the perfect time to check out the products I have available and decide on what you'd like to purchase if you haven't already chosen a Collection. Every family gets a custom slideshow to share on social media and with family, and after the session, each family has access to their online client gallery where they can order extra items whenever they'd like.

I love this new structure because it provides a great client experience, but also all of the conveniences of the old, online based structure. Yippee for having your cake and eating it too!

Scroll on to check out the rest of Cayden's newborn session and get in touch if you'd like to experience newborn photography with me as well!

Newborn photography in Maine

Elusive Photography is a newborn photographer in Maine offering newborn photography in the Westbrook studio and maternity, milestone, and family photography all over the Southern Maine area. Get in touch, I'd love to meet your family!

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