Nicole + Jeremy | Berwick, Maine Outdoor Wedding | Intimate Maine Wedding

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Nicole and Jeremy got married this fall, but it was just the cherry on top of an already established and beautiful family. I love seeing couples get married who've already started their family, because it really shows that they were focusing on their own priorities, the needs that apply to their life as it has unfolded, and not necessarily social pressures that don't always exist for good reasons.

Not only are their daughters adorable, but they are literally the sweetest, most chill couple. Jeremy was a tad nervous in front of the camera, but as soon as I turned him towards Nicole, he melted into the person he is when only she is watching - one who's comfortable, who doesn't have walls, fears, or barriers, and who literally has a sparkle in his eye. How cool is that?! I love watching people melt around their partner! *heart eyes*

Nicole did all of the planning herself, and she deserves major props because the entire thing turned out beautifully and she wasn't even stressed! (WHAT?!?! Give me some of what she has, please.) She also wore the prettiest, pink tinted lace and ruffle gown that didn't hide her tattoos. I always love a bride who isn't concerned about hiding her art!

I don't always quote the actual words of my clients, but this time I'm going to because I can literally feel the butterflies that they have for each other. Read on, swoon, then take a look at their wedding photos and share some love below in the comments!

How did you meet and who made the first move?

We first met in 7th grade through mutual friends. We actually tried “dating” a couple of times and he was my first boyfriend, but we were so young and kind of shy towards each other so it didn’t work out. Years later, our senior year of high school, we started talking again and eventually Jeremy asked me to be his girlfriend towards the end of the year. I was very excited because of how much I wanted to be his girlfriend! We’ve now been together for a little over 5 years!

Tell me about when you knew that it was a forever relationship:

I knew this when we first started dating. I always kind of had this special feeling from the first time we met. I really believe that we are meant to be.

what is your favorite quirk about the other?:

Nicole- “I really love his sense of humor and creative mind. He always comes up with funny scenarios for everything that make me laugh the hardest. There’s never a time when he’s not saying something funny. "

Jeremy- “My favorite quirk about Nicole is the critical impact of happiness and positivity that she brings to any situation. Her ability to inspire others with these traits and her outgoing devotion towards her goals."

What is the most beautiful and captivating piece of the other?:

Nicole - “Jeremy is very hard working towards any task that comes his way. He strives to be successful and he motivates me every day just by being himself. It’s also truly beautiful seeing him be an amazing father to our two daughters. It warms my heart. His strong personality is captivating and he radiates strength and protection. He’s my comfort."

Jeremy- “The most beautiful part of Nicole is her big heart. Nicole’s kindness is prevalent, so pure and loving. Her spirit is bold and bright, one that I’ve fell very much in love with. The way she cares for others when they are in need, and her relentless effort in doing such things. The most captivating piece of her is not only her unique smile and laughter, but the way she can make me feel at any given time. Her rare and unlimited rays of kindness, love & bliss come unmatched."