• Emily Bienek

Kennedy's Tea Party | Lifestyle + Reverie Photography | Portland, Maine

Kennedy is a really cool baby. I met her when she was about 11 months old and the girls was walking like most two year olds and spouting out colors and sign language! I was half impressed and half ashamed about not remembering where my own daughter was at 11 months (except I know she sure wasn't walking yet! [she's very nervous]). I know, I know, all babies are different and develop at different times and that it really doesn't mean anything about how they'll be as adults, BUT, what it does say is how amazing Kennedy's moms are. This was the second time I got to work with her and each time she was amazing. She sits still, communicates, gives lots of claps and smiles and silly little dance moves, and even though she shockingly discovered that she doesn't like grass on her feet AND had just been abruptly woken up from a carseat nap, she didn't fuss or cry. W H A T ?!?!

We went to the apple orchard last month to catch the blossoms, although we arrived about 5 days early. Still, though, we set up a little tea party and made some amazing art! Kennedy's pink dress is a rental that we offer for sessions, it's a Tutu Du Monde, one of my favorite fanciful brands (although I oppose the use of sparkles, sequins and glitter because of their likelihood of becoming micro plastic litter in the oceans - don't worry, I've made my concerns known).

Her other dress, the long white one, is a 12 mo gown that we have in the studio for anyone to use! It is lace and chiffon and is stunning. All of the headbands are ours, too, seen most often gracing the heads of sweet little newborns and babies.