Sisters Reverie Session | Fine Art Portraits | Conceptual Art for Kids

These awesome little girls dance at the same dance center as my daughter, and their mom and I found each other through social media. I am a big fan of the way that tech allows us to network with other parents even during a busy life where we may not have the time or energy to physically linger and socialize. Check out their mom and some of their adventures at MacKid Portland.

These girls showed up with perfect braids, big, bright eyes, and dresses and accessories that they picked themselves. One of my favorite things about working with kids is when they get to dress themselves and then I get to showcase their self-expression. YAY! Encourage your kids express themselves :D

Reverie sessions are fine art, conceptual images that the kids help me create. They usually have some requests, they give me their own facial expression and emotion, and they act out their interaction in the scene. It's really cool allowing kids to participate in a type of art that is so much bigger than their everyday expression. Reverie Images are the ones with the elephant and the horse, images that are surreal and magical.

When time allows, or when specified, I always like to get the kids to pose with me for painterly - but crisp - Reverie Portraits that could easily hang on the wall alongside classical art in other mediums. These types of portraits are taken up a notch from the portraits from a family session: it's all in the editing and how they are morphed into something painterly and vibrant. If these are the types of portraits you want, make sure you specify that you'd like Reverie Portraits or a family session down Reverie style so that we're both on the same page with pricing, timeline, and expectations.

Scroll down and enlarge these images to full screen they're worth it! Share some love in the comments and check out the Reverie portfolio for more.

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