Baby Cameron | Maine Newborn Photographer | Fresh 48 Session

I met little Cameron when he was just a couple days old at the hospital. He was a happy baby, just hanging out in his bed, all wrapped up in a swaddle, wiggling until his hat fell off. Fresh 48 Sessions are all about capturing babies as they are in the hospital, when they're brand new to the world, all wrinkly, with ankle identification bracelets, yawning, searching for food. These moments only last for a few days, because by the time you leave the hospital, your baby is twice as old and has changed dramatically!

Just one week later, Cameron and his parents came to the studio for what ended up being a very short Newborn session. Amazingly, Cameron was awesome and felt comfortable enough with me and in the studio that he slept comfortably and allowed me to capture some great newborn shots of him. These little fingers, toes, wrinkles, smooshy lips, fluffy hair, and gassy smiles will only be features of little Cameron for a few weeks - which is why newborn sessions are so important. By the time six weeks rolls around, he'll be wide awake and curious. At three months, he'll be insatiably active, at six he'll be rolling, at nine he'll be sitting, and then he'll become a mobile baby. These times fly by and capturing all of those little features, quirks and moments is a really wonderful thing to be able to give yourself as a parent and to give your baby, so that they can look back when they're adults and see that their parents took the time to craft visual memories.

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Elusive Photography offers Maternity Photography, Fresh 48 Sessions, Birth Photography, Newborn Sessions, and Fine Art Kids Photography in our Maine studio. To inquire about any of these sessions, reach out through the Contact page and check out our Portfolios!

We can't wait to work with you and to help tell the story of your family.

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