Julia + Matthew | Maine Coast Engagement | Adventure Engagement Photographer

Julia and Matt are getting married next year, so we did a really fun engagement session on Mackworth Island, in Falmouth. It has a trail around the entire island with so many different places for portraits. I love it because of the variation! There are those jagged Maine rocks, there's a beach, there are stone structures, pine forests, open fields, and even a whole area designated for fairy houses.

These two were a ton of fun, and after the initial first few minutes of discomfort, everyone loosened up and we laughed the entire time! The mark of a great photography session is one where you don't have enough time to think about feeling awkward or to wonder what you're supposed to be doing - I like to think I'm getting better and better at rapid fire distraction until everyone's happy at the end of a session.

I can't wait for their wedding next year, but until then, check out this engagement series!

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