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Welcome to the world, little Baby J! I think I agree with your pops that a series of crying photos like those above are the perfect tribute to all of the quirks and endearing moments of newborn-hood. Baby J came into the world in an unexpected way, but unexpected is just fine because baby and his mama are perfectly healthy and vibrant! I am super lucky because I got the chance to meet this little guy at his home when he was only a few days old. He was happy, content, and so comfortable. Also, his nursery is ADORABLE.

Lifestyle newborn photography isn't something I do a lot of, and it's not because I don't like it, it's just not often requested! We were initially going to do a Fresh 48 photography session, but since baby was going to be born at home, it morphed into a lifestyle session instead. I'm glad it did, because this newborn photography focused all on baby's home is really fun and such an amazing way to remember the first few vulnerable weeks when baby comes home.

Click into the gallery and view the photos, I love them! If you're thinking about newborn photography, this is a great opportunity to compare a lifestyle newborn session and a studio newborn session, because they're very, very different.

Thank you for inviting me into your home!

A few days later, Baby J came to my studio for his formal newborn session. My goal was to play off of the soft, cool tones in his room, but also the warm feel of the log-cabin walls. His parents had this little bunny hat that I couldn't pass up and I'm so thankful that they brought it along! I'm going to need to find myself one of these, because I died a little inside finishing these bunny images!

Since this is a great opportunity to compare a studio newborn session and a lifestyle newborn session, I'll take the opportunity to point out some of the differences.

For a Lifestyle Newborn Session, you can expect:

1) Lower light, more grain (grain is the grittiness in the images)

2) Less light control, so there may be discrepancies between the color of outdoor/indoor light (blue tint/orange tint)

3) Opportunities to document the home design, and even pets that I run into along the way!

4) For lifestyle sessions, I don't edit out dry skin or other minor imperfections. The whole point is to document, which includes those perfect little flaky feet!

5) You'll get more "essence" photographs. That means there are more photos that are less "formal" and are intended to convey the mood and the comfort of the home, rather than being a technically perfect portrait meant for holiday cards and grandparent gifts.

6) Lifestyle newborn sessions include one hour of photography, and because it doesn't matter if baby is asleep, that works well.

7) While lifestyle sessions do include family portraits, these are less controlled, more documentary style, and less formal.

For a Newborn Session in the studio, you can expect:

1) All the light control, so you can expect sharper, cleaner photos

2) That means color control too.

3) I've worked hard to make sure the studio is ultra safe, everything is within reach, is clean, and is lit well for optimal efficiency. Doing posed newborn sessions in home does not have the same guarantee of safety regarding gear, props, etc.

4) I will edit out baby's temporary blemishes including dried skin, eye boogers, baby acne, red splotches, jaundice, etc. I'm really not into making babies have plastic skin, Baby J just happens to be flawless anyway! My goal is to retain texture, but to remove the imperfections that are temporary. As you'll notice here, we kept Baby J's Angel Kiss, though some parents opt to remove or lighten that as well - that's up to you!

5) Props, backdrops, wardrobe, hats, and all the cute headbands. I even have a wardrobe for mom photos!

6) Studio sessions include multiple set changes and can take up to 4 hours, though I try to make them as short as possible.

7) They also include posed family portraits that every grandparent swoons over! We will coordinate various outfit changes if time allows to assure variety. If there are siblings or pets, we can incorporate those too! (We even have pet services available to ensure optimal safety for your baby!)

Any time a family wants to and is able to do both, I totally recommend it because you get the best of both worlds! You get to have the "real" moments, the cries, the weird faces, the little yawns and parent's authentic laughs, and you also get the timeless, heirloom art pieces that will make baby's grandparents' heart drop when they see them!

Baby J's newborn session was fantastic and I had a really, really hard time stopping! When we were shooting, Baby J had some tummy issues and would become uncomfortable if I stopped wiggling him, which made it difficult for him to settle safely to a point where I could take my hands off and photograph him. I could've stayed there all day! I was passing the 4 hour mark and needed to leave to make my daughter's birthday party, which the parents and I had talked about previously in passing (I didn't think we'd take the entire 4 hours).

Because I was so wrapped up in working with the little man, I had completely lost track of time. However, mom came over and let me know the time and that she knew I had to leave and she was ok with whatever images I had by that point - I almost broke down and cried (I'm sensitive) because I was so touched by their legitimate kindness and concern for my own daughter and our relationship. I rarely run up on a deadline like that, I understand the importance of blocking off a whole day for a photoshoot, but in a situation like that where scheduling was tight, I am beyond blessed to have such amazing clients who not only trust me with their precious baby, but also have concern for my own.

I believe in the goodness of all people, but it's a special treat when I meet a family like this one that is bursting at the seams with pure love and grace. Baby J is a lucky little man!