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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Newborn photography in Portland, Maine
I love this driftwood newborn baby prop!

I've photographed Baby Z from before his birth, to the first time he met his mommy, to his little newborn photos taken at 12 days old. Also, he's birthday twins with Lily! Here's to all the March 9th kings and queens out there!

This little boy is a miracle, and he is so, so loved. When I post these, I just know his mom is going to be sending this blog out to the entire family and group of friends: Hi, everyone! How lucky you are to know Baby Z and his parents! I hope you all love these newborn photos, every little toe and super hairy arm and even the little point in his ear!

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For this session, we talked about adding some blue because his home has a lot of grays and cool tones in it. He is sleeping in his parent's room for now, so he doesn't have a set decor yet. I knew I had time to take extra photos (because they're friends) so I planned two different shades of blue, one very cheery (aqua knits at the bottom), and one more earthy (blue spruce above). While I'd usually pick a mood and stick with it, I felt like this was a fun time to do dual moods since it's likely that his little room decor will follow the inspiration of these very images! So, I decided to do both. Why not?

If you're considering booking a newborn photography session with me, we'll discuss all of this in your consultation. Usually, color choices are based off of baby's room or your overall home decor, but we can always deviate where necessary. You can chose something more earthy (like the blue spruce and the grey/wood tones) or something clean and bright (like the bright blue and the white)! I have lots of colors and shades within those families to make the perfect album or wall art set for your home.

One thing that I always do is end the newborn session with a series on white. I do this because I'm partial to white, but also because it'll work no matter how your home changes. Most importantly, it's clean and fresh and doesn't distract from baby's natural hair and skin tones and the viewer spends their time on baby's features, not how beautiful the color is (I do have some really beautiful colors). My favorite thing about the photos of Baby Z on the white is his newscaster hair - that's what his mom calls it! How adorable is that?!

I am really passionate about new-family photography including newborn photography. Because of that, I take safety seriously. I'm vaccinated and I keep a clean studio with safety-proofed everything (as much as possible, anyway). I also don't let sick kids or babies in, ever. I'll work late to reschedule clients before bringing in someone who's sick. Most importantly, I've taken the time and have invested in safe newborn posing education. Not everyone can pose newborns like this and, frankly, no one shouldn't attempt it without training. Baby's have fragile hips, joints, and bones, it's dangerous when they have a startle reaction and kick/throw their arms up, and, as I'm sure every parent knows, they have claws for fingernails. All of my posing revolves around baby, I'm always within reach and always have hands on to calm them and keep them still. I don't force poses, and if a baby seems uncomfortable, I adjust them.

Another safety issue is that, well, I get peed and pooped on constantly. Little Z did a number on me! It's really important that I (and anyone handling baby) am not going to freak out and make the situation unsafe for baby. Luckily for you, I'm totally fine if your little newborn poops on me (in a not-weird way) and most parents don't even know something's happened until I bring them over to get cleaned up. I won't freak out and I don't want parents or baby freaking out.

I say this because, as a mom myself, I know the anxiety over having anyone else handle your baby! It's important that you can trust me and for more reasons than just seeing that I've taken great photos before. Baby Z's mom told me that she definitely wasn't going to sleep during the newborn session because she was too nervous . . . fast forward a little while and everyone in the studio was asleep and I was tip-toeing like Santa on Christmas Eve night.

That's the best compliment she could've given me!

Elusive Photography specializes in fine art newborn photography in Portland, Maine and surrounding areas. We also provide maternity photography in the Southern Maine area, and baby and milestone photography out of our studio.

Check out my work in conceptual kids photography, and my family photography work if you aren't planning on any more little babies but still love my work! We have mini-sessions happening in Portland, Maine in April! Check them out and RSVP if you'd like to join.

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