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Destiny and Josh are from the great, Gator filled city of Jacksonville, but a piece of their hearts live in Portland, Maine. They visited Portland once and it stuck with them so much that they come back multiple times per year! I mean, I totally get it. The food here is amazing, and the weather, hills, rocky coast, and lush greenery is a great break from Florida. Although, after living in Florida myself and then randomly ending up in Maine, I feel the opposite: Florida's flatness, its annoyingly reflector-less roads (seriously, you CAN'T drive in the rain at night there because you can't see anything!), its Spanish moss covered trees (said in a sing-song voice), and its warm, sun-filled skies call at my heart a few times a year. Ok, well maybe not the road reflector issue, but it's annoying, so I had to say something.

They visited me this summer and we ventured out to Portland and down to Cape Elizabeth to do their engagement photography. Since I don't often blog engagement sessions, I wanted to include it here, because they're STUNNING!

We wondered around Portland for a while, hitting up some of the most Portland-esque places - like the vine covered Vignola restaurant and then some store fronts on Exchange street. Then, we headed out to Cape Elizabeth, which is one of the most popular engagement photography locations around. I use it a lot for family photography too, because it's vast, free, and there's aways parking.

Destiny was all about taking risks and heading out on the coast, but Josh was a little worried about his pants getting wet. Through some loving coaxing, they ended up on a tall rock, surrounded by the roaring Maine waves, and gave me one of the best engagement session portraits I've had this year! Check out the 7th photo down, where they're on the rock and they're both giggling. I love it so much because I remember what happened in the moment, that a drop of water hit Josh's pants and he was a little freaked and Destiny thought it was the funniest thing. Little moments like that bring out really true and intimate interaction between couples, and that's exactly what I'm after and what I want them to remember!

When it came time for their wedding, they wanted to get married in front of Portland Head Light, but from the water. They chartered a boat and got married at sea (by their friend who has really great taste in men's fashion). All of their favors and gifts were about the Maine experience, and the wedding itself was intimate, special, and to the point. They included their grandparents in Florida via FaceTime (thank you internet!) and also had a tribute to them on the boat. They gave out adorable luggage tags, has a guest book that is a wall canvas, and Destiny had a really beautiful and eco-friendly floral arrangement that she can keep and re-use for years to come! As soon as they hit land, they headed off to Portland Lobster Co. for an authentic Portland experience complete with local beers where the night ended as they celebrated with their closest family and friends.

Take a look through the images below and leave some love in the comments!

Destiny + Josh:

Venue: @portlanddiscoverytours

Hair and Makeup: Audrey, @O2salonmaine

Jeweler - @globaldiamondsjax

Florist: @pineandpetalweddings

Caterer: Bread and Butter Company

Dress: @debrasbridalshop

Suits: @theblacktux

Guestbook: @willowandolive

Koozies: @SipHipHooray

Gold bracelet: @GracePersonalized

Gold bracelet (maid of honor):@CaitlynMinimalist



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