Cath + Tim | Peaks Island, Maine | Beach and Garden Summer Wedding

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Over the winter I strolled into a coffee shop (Bard Coffee, to be exact) and met a woman in a beautiful JCrew coat that I recognized immediately, a pair of Warby Parker glasses very similar to mine, and a quiet man by her side. We chatted about wedding photography as I fumbled my way through trying to impress them (awkward).

They were living in Portland, Oregon and planning their wedding on Peaks Island and were in town to check out some vendors. They didn't have many plans, but were thinking simple, grey, ice cream, and maybe a piñata (I think that was an inside joke). There was DEFINITELY going to be a BHLDN dress and a whole lot of "I don't really care about the rest."

As the holidays rolled around, I sent them a gift consisting of an Anthropologie mini flamingo piñata that served at their tree topper. YAS.

Fast forward to July 28th, 2018, and these two finally got hitched with a whole lot of family and friends in tow! No piñata, though. They were super lucky, the forecast was all rain all day, but we escaped the storms with perfect cloud cover and some thick fog until everyone was safe under the tent for dinner. I mean, it rained heavily when everyone rode the ferry back to the mainland, but I'll take that over a rained out ceremony any day!

They wrote their own sweet vows, promising to never watch Netflix shows without the other and lots of other sweet sentiments that made the entire wedding party laugh hysterically. Even though she's a New York City gal and he's a country boy, they found love where they both assumed it would never exist. My favorite story from the family speeches was from the Bride's sister who let everyone know the first impression Tim left on the family. As a little back story, Cath's mom is fairly conservative and doesn't like curse words, so at dinner, Tim "accidentally" let out a country saying that even I - a rural Southern Ohio girl - had never even heard. "Well that's hotter than two squirrels ***ing in a sock!" Shocked silence was followed by quick looks around the table . . . and then a roar of laughter. At that moment, Tim was in.

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