Pet Photography in Maine | Why to Hire a Photographer who Specializes in Pet Photography!

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Maine pet and dog photography
Sibling Portraits are the cutest

Have you ever wanted a photo of your puppy, your kitty, or your other awesome pet but your cell phone just doesn’t cut it? Your cell phone camera - no matter how great it may be - still just doesn’t have the photographic quality that makes for a great piece of wall art. This is where we come in! Elusive Photography is a professional photography studio in Portland, Maine and we are branching out to offer a pet photography specialty to our line of luxury photography services. As you may know, getting animals to stay still, pose, and not get distracted, is difficult. It takes patience, the same type of patience we exercise with newborn photography, and it takes dedication, skill, and a lot of energy, similar to what we utilize when working with toddlers and kids! If you’re having trouble getting great photos of your pup because, well, they’re puppies, then get in touch and leave the hard work, and expertise of pet photography to us. 

Portland Maine pet photographer

One of the great things about hiring a pet photographer is that the photos are professional in various aspects and won’t be something that you will ever want to take down. From the backgrounds to the sculpted lighting, the posed moments and the candid ones, all of the technical aspects of our professional photography studio are set up specifically for pets. This way, we know we’re fast enough to get those long tongues, the lightning speed jumps, and the hilarious expressions that are so representative of our furry friends. 

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Moreover, having professional photos taken of your loyal friend means that you will have those precious memories preserved for a lifetime! We offer only the finest luxury products like our museum quality framed prints that come in a variety of custom finishes to our high-end albums that are the finest you can possibly buy. We don’t offer these products only because of their luxury, but because of their unmatched quality. 

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A royal image for a very serious pup

Another fun benefit to having professional photos of your pets is in the creativity! Pet photography just doesn’t have to be simple snapshots of your animal, the photos can be taken from fun angles, they can capture motion, or they can include detail shots of a particularly luscious fur or fluffy paw. If you have a shy kitty or a really outgoing pooch, the portrait session will show off the individual personality traits of each animal. Cookie cutter photos? No way, not here!

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Most of us consider our pets to be part of the family, so come prepared and ask to jump in a few frames with them, we promise, you won’t regret it. I’m sure they’ll love the cuddles, too. If you’re mainly looking for family photography and are interested in including your pets, just mention it at a consult and we’ll be happy to include them! 

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If you are an animal based business, like a groomer or a leash maker, having professional photos of the animals you’ve actually worked with are a necessary part of driving business in an internet and photo fueled world. The more that you share photos of adorable pups and kitties, the more clients come to recognize your brand! When a company's website images are real and not stock images, when their advertising photos are high quality and not cell phone images, more customers will entrust you with their business because they see that you take the time to invest back into your brand.

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Birthday Portraits!

Get in touch with us because we’d love to take photos of your beloved pet! Whether you have a sleepy pooch, a wise and mischievous kitty, or a pup who can fit three tennis balls in her mouth, we’re ready to capture their personalities. Check out our fine art products that will look beautiful hanging in your home or your business, and head over to look at our pet photography portfolio!

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Custom Framing for Heirloom Portraits

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