• Emily Bienek

Portland City Hall Elopement | Sustainable Fashion | Food City of the Year - Destination Wedding Cit

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

This Portland elopement is full of eco-friendly inspiration and sustainable fashion that we want to share in depth for you. There are some incredible alternatives out there that will help you transform your own wedding into one that is conscious about environmental and ethical problems so that you can lower your impact and do more good.

Check out the highlight video below, the amazing photos and scroll down to read about the sustainable alternatives!

Men's Fashion: David Wood Clothier

David Wood has a store full of fine clothing that I'd be honored to wear - I am totally into women wearing tailored menswear. I might be a tad obsessed with his style and his store. He not only sources incredible pieces from Italy and from other fine made in America apparel companies, but he's also a fine tailor and has some really great shoes and men's fashion accessories.

Typically, menswear at a wedding is relatively sustainable in that it is often rented. When you're thinking about clothing, things that can be re-used over and over are much more sustainable than those that are single-use. Of course you also have to think about the materials (natural are better than synthetic) and the ethics (made in a factory that pays living wages and has ethical working hours and conditions, maybe even a green factory!), but for most people, having something that's reusable is great because it both reduces the demand for new pieces of clothing and re-uses what's already out there. For this groom, he wanted to build on his existing wardrobe because he thinks long-term with his clothing and invests in a small wardrobe filled with long lasting pieces. David Wood was the perfect place to go because all of his pieces are tailored to perfection, are made from artisans using ultra high-quality materials, and are curated and sold locally, person to person.

He and David worked together to mix texture and print within a tonal look perfect for late summer/early fall. Tan linen brought in the summer feels, while a small grey houndstooth was a nod to fall. The blue shirt had a fine linear print, paired with a similar blue paisley tie. The green pocket square added a pop of personality because, well, it's a piece of sunshine that drew out smiles from everyone who passed by! The shoes were leather, oxford style sneakers, bringing the functionality of a wedding day filled with walking around the city and the style of this fashion-forward groom together into a beautiful piece.

Bridal Fashion: Silviyana Bridal (Rania Hatoum, Designer)

Finding an eco-friendly wedding gown is hard. Why? Because not many boutiques or designers market their gowns as such! Luckily, Silviyana Bridal Boutique in San Jose has made its eco-friendly gowns searchable, helping brides to find an option that suits their values. In the wedding gown industry, perfection is ideal, which means that a whole lot of fabric (often synthetic) and even a whole lot of "imperfect"