Portland, Maine Dog Photographer | Paws 'n Pints at Rising Tide Brewery

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Thank you for joining us!

I'm Emily of Elusive Photography, a boutique Pet Photography studio in Maine. I provide in-studio pet portraits that are fun and spunky, but also timeless showstoppers. I also do Pet Photo Booths around town - maybe you saw me at Pet Rock in the Park in August? If Paws 'n Pints was your first introduction to my fur-loving work, welcome! I'm so glad to meet you.

Don't forget to give a big thank you to Benchmark Real Estate who brought you this fun pet photo booth, and Rising Tide Brewery who provided the space and, of course, the delicious beer! The Paws 'n Pints event was a benefit for The Pixel Fund, a local, volunteer based non-profit that finds loving homes for shelter pets in Maine. This photo booth had a suggested donation, so if you were without cash or wanted to give more, head on over to their website to do that.

Read on to learn about my work, about how to gain access to your images, and more about Benchmark's Four A Cause event coming up in November!

Portland, Maine dog photographer

Something More

While the photo booth works well for some pets, it isn't so great for others. Maybe your pup has anxiety or just isn't trained well yet? If you had multiple pets, there's a good chance I didn't allow a portrait of both of them at the same time. Some of you asked about having a full family portrait or portraits with your kids, but I also was unable to do that in the limited photo booth space.

Why are there so many limitations?

The Photo Booth is intended to provide portraits of a single pet at a time, or an adult owner and a pet. Just like photo booths you're used to, space is tight and time is limited. As you noticed, the space was packed with the lighting and the paper, and with large dogs, wagging tails, and all of the excitement, trying to contain more movement in such a tight space just wasn't possible (or safe). On a similar note, the lights I can bring on location aren't designed to properly light more than two tightly cuddled beings, so fitting a full family in just isn't an option either. Importantly, I don't allow kids to be photographed during an event like this because privacy is really important to me and its central to my business model. Did you know I'm the only photographer around (that I know of) who has a standard, completely free, OPT-IN privacy sections that are revokable at a later date if needed? It's important that kids are photographed in a controlled environment with a full agreement set out beforehand, which is why impromptu kids portraits at the photo booth isn't something I'm willing to do. I'm so sorry about having to say no to kids, but I hope you respect the reasoning.

If you would like a full family portrait including your pets . . .

If you would like portraits with your pets and your kids . . .

If you would like more portraits of your pets with different backgrounds, images of them together, or just any image in a better controlled environment . . .

then contact me to book a full Pet Portrait Experience! Check your emails, because if you participated in the Paws 'n Pints event, you have a special offer! I only have a couple options left for the year, so don't wait if you'd like something by the Holidays.

Portland, Maine dog photography

What is a Full Pet Portrait Experience?

My purpose as a print artist is to create lasting, heirloom art for your home. For pets, that art is supposed to makes you smile every time you see it, to evoke emotion, and to create a legacy of your spunky pet friend.

Perks of a full Pet Portrait Sessions:

  • They can last an hour or more because we build in plenty of time for your pup to come off leash, sniff around, and get comfortable with the environment. Not all dogs need this time, but it's available in case they do.

  • It is cool in the studio, it's big and bright, and it's free of loud, startling noises. We also have treats and toys to keep them happy.

  • We can chose from a variety of backgrounds including bright white, bold pink, soft purples, pinks, greens, blues, or neutral cream or grey. This means that the portraits will surely match your home's decor and be part of your beloved home for generations.

  • You can bring any pup siblings because full Pet Portrait Sessions have the space and time to get multiple pups to cooperate.

  • You can also opt for a Family Portrait Experience if you'd like to include human adults or kids!

  • I offer SAME DAY TURNAROUND which means that just a few short hours after the photography is complete, we'll meet back at the studio for a Reveal and Ordering Session where I guide you through the purchasing the best art pieces for your home and lifestyle.

You may be wondering since I'm going on and on about heirloom art pieces - do I offer "just the digitals" for sale? Well, sort of, but basically no. My primary purpose in photographing your pet in the first place is the final art piece, not the pixels or the camera clicking. If I sold or included the digital images like many other photographers do, then the purpose of the work is shifted to something a lot less valuable - internet use. While we all want to feature our adorable pet on Facebook or Instagram for all of our friends to see, that can't be the primary purpose because it could all be gone in an instant (do you remember when Myspace recently deleted 10 years of music from its servers on accident?). If your images live on the internet, how do your kids enjoy them? What would you have if they were suddenly deleted? For all of my pet sessions, the watermarked images are available for use on social media free of charge, and the hi-resolution images (that are printable) are available as a gift after investing in your own heirloom art pieces. I fully understand the need to archive your own images, and the peace of mind that brings, so this is a great way to get you the best of both worlds.

"But I can print cheap prints other places" you may say. "I will print them if you just give me the digitals." Sure, you can get your own prints from Walgreens or Target, Mpix or Shutterfly, but, trust me, you don't want to. If you'd like to see the difference between the fine art prints I offer and a standard one-hour photo print, come by the studio because I have comparisons to show. Investing in a Pet Portrait Experience with me includes investing in my heirloom expertise, not just my ability to use a camera.

It's kind of like buying super expensive, organic scallops and then having an inexperienced cook turn them into rubber (groooossssss). Don't do that, for the best and most enjoyable experience, go to a place like Scales or Fore St. and have their expert chefs prepare them the right way. It's the same concept with a portrait artist, you're investing in the full experience and their full expertise, not just half of it.

Check out some of these wall art ideas and start imaging the wonderful pieces you could add to your home!

Maine dog photographer

Photo Booth Portraits:

Because of the volume of the Photo Booth, in-person ordering will be scheduled by request only. I will have an active online gallery, but I recommend that anyone looking to buy art come into the studio for an ordering session so you can chose any finishes, cropping, sizes, etc.

The full gallery is available over on our Client page; there you'll have access to ordering art of your pup and you'll be able to download the social media sized file with this Paws 'n Pints banner for sharing online.

There are TWO sections in this album.

  1. The first contains images without the banner that are there for art purchases