Sasha + Nick | Portland, Maine Schooner Intimate Wedding | Dockside Grille, Falmouth Reception

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Sasha and Nick are the sweetest couple, both self-proclaimed criers. You can tell in their photos that their wedding day was full of overwhelming, happy tears. YAY! I love crying.

Nick works on ships (something I know intimately), so when they decided to get married on a schooner between Portland and Falmouth, it half made sense and was half a little wild! I mean, you never know what the weather will do, right? What if someone fell overboard or it rained all day?

As July rolled closer, the optimism I had began to vanish as the entire 4 days surrounding their wedding date was all rain. 100% rain, in fact. Thunder, clouds, storms, downpours. Sasha had been worried about this and I ensured her that the chances were low - maybe because I was in denial and really didn't want it to rain. I hate the rain! Saturday came and the weather did not hold off. It was rain all day. I had to go buy rain pants before showing up because I didn't have anything to keep me dry and functioning during the boat ride! They decided to go along with the wedding, accepted the wetness for what it would be, and we did it. The seas were incredibly calm - something I count as being very lucky. With all of those passengers in heels, even light rollers would've caused a lot of problems.

We made it through the getting ready phase without a drop of rain . . . and then the first look, then family photos, and then our trip up the coast.... it only sprinkled on us for about 20 minutes the whole day! I couldn't believe it! Days and days of 100% rain and we skated through with almost nothing. How lucky are these two!? I think that Sasha's smile warded off those rain clouds - she was so radiant and happy, she couldn't even contain it.