Emily + Thomas | Portland Head Light | Maine Coast Wedding

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Emily and Thomas have been together for quite a few years, but this wedding wasn't just another ordinary day for them. The thing I remember most was that Thomas happy cried the entire time and Emily would catch his glance and then they would both laugh together about it. A few of my favorite images are of them syncing their laughter in mutual disbelief that they've found their match in life that their wedding day had finally arrived.

They opted out of all of the pomp and circumstance, aside from a statement dress, a suit and a killer vintage car to take them from the ceremony site to the reception. The ceremony was at Fort Williams park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine - one of my favorite places for photoshoots of any kind. It was hot and there weren't clouds anywhere in the sky, so we had to work around some seriously squint inducing sun. On top of that, there was a camp circle of kids under the tree we needed for portraits! Luckily, I think they picked up on our anxiety (and noticed the bride and photographer discussing alternative options) over the amount of time they were going to spend there and they left without us even having to ask. Thank you unknown camp group!

Click into the gallery to see some of the amazing ceremony moments!

Shammy - AKA Shamrock - was the guest of honor at the wedding. In his vows, Thomas promised Emily that he wasn't in fact marrying her just to get closer to Shammy, he really did marry her for her. How adorable? Check this happy little dude out, he's a doll.

Family photos don't often make it into the blogs because, well, they're just those formal family pictures that we're basically obligated to take. I thought I'd write a little about them this time, though, so that future clients can understand a little bit about the process. I love writing about Emily's family photos because she was so take charge! Typically I get a list from the couple of family photos they have to have, this makes it easy for me to arrange the people and avoid the family photo rodeo that often happens "Oh wait, one of this person and that person but with our this other person.... wait, and I just had this idea too..." It's a FOMO (fear of missing out) problem. Anyway, I usually take charge with my robust announcer's voice but this time I wasn't getting anywhere. Thankfully, as you can see in that first gallery photo, Emily took over and marched the family to the location with that "snap, snap" mentality that I just love. So, to remind everyone that even documentary style photographer will get formal, grandparent pleasing photos, here's a sample of the family photo outtakes, because I love outtakes more than anything. Also notice Emily's sister, because she and her wife hosted the entire reception, made the cake, AND the florals. And she isn't in the wedding industry, she's an attorney! I feel ya.

Since I don't like to miss plugs for sustainability, all of the flowers in this wedding were wildflowers grown at their home and picked from Little River Flower Farm! Wildflowers are some of the most sustainable flowers to use in your wedding because they don't require cold storage or shipping from some distant country or out-of-season growing facilities. If you're lucky enough to have a rocking' sister who can make beautiful arrangements, ask her to do your wedding flowers and save from CO2 emissions.

I should begin talking about the reception, but food's on my brain, so we'll talk about that first. Pizza by Fire served pizza after pizza all night long. Check out their website to learn more, or just drool over the pizza in the pics. There was a huge array of charcuterie and, wait for it, a KETTLE FULL OF KETTLE COOKED CHIPS. I don't know if anyone knows this about me, but I am obsessed with Cape Cod chips. I mean, I can eat my weight in them. The funny thing about food and weddings in relation to me is the vendor meal thing. Some weddings that are catered with plated meals have specific vendor meals the photographers, DJ's, videographers, planners and such will require if there's more than 4 hours of coverage. It's usually at the same time the couple eats because no one wants eating photos anyway and, well, our feet need a break. Other types of weddings that are served family style or that are all hors d'oeuvres may not have specific vendor meals, but they'll just say "EAT! Enjoy the food! Take a break". The funny thing is, I'm not always hungry and I get really into the photography so sometimes I don't think about it. The moms, though, they ALWAYS find me and basically order me to eat something. For this wedding, I wasn't really hungry because it was so hot so I was like "hell yeah, let me at those chips!"

Take a look at some of the photos in the gallery below and wait for a minute to drool over them. I am.

The reception was hosted at Emily's sister's house and it was way beyond what I had imagined. She and her wife have this incredible historic house right in the middle of Biddeford - the city has developed around their little estate and it is such a beautiful juxtaposition of old life and new development. Their antique garage was opened up to hold the food and drinks and their backyard - surrounded by old stone retaining walls and an old picket fence - was topped with string lights and filled with beautiful wild flowers, gardens, and seating. I've never seen so many beautiful flowers!

It was filled with food and love and laughter and lots of people holding bottles of alcohol.

One more amazing thing about this wedding, I got to capture a baby's first time standing. For real. She had been trying all day, dedicated to finally stand up, and I got an incredible series of photos capturing that first time. Look at the way she looks over to her dad for help when she begins to lose her balance!

You have to click into this gallery and enlarge it so get the full effect. It's amazing.

Congratulations to Emily and Thomas on their beautiful, low key, love-filed wedding. You're beautiful in all ways and I am so lucky to have been a part of your day. Show them some love in the comments below! Check out more wedding joy in the portfolio and contact us about your own big day - extra points if a baby will be there ;)