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Updated: Jan 18, 2019

A few months ago I was contacted by my hair stylist, Heather Powers, who's friend is the mastermind behind Meta Morph Jewelry. They were looking for a photographer to work with to showcase Meta Morph's new Bridal hair piece line and some of Heather's hair work.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity and we turned it into full wedding styled shoot showcasing their work as a part of full looks for sustainably minded individuals. I am a photographer living in the wedding industry, but I am a rebel and I boldly break rules that I don't think are necessary or helpful or meaningful to any number of people. The wedding industry, I've found, is full of these rules. While I work with real people who are just as imperfect as I am, I spend the rest of my time trying to educate parents and couples and consumers of all kinds of how to be a little more sustainable and a little less harmful to the environment.

Read below for vendor and product showcases as well as great ideas for how to make your wedding or wardrobe a little greener.

The Hair Pieces:

Sarah of Meta Morph is all about real and natural materials shaped and crafted by hand. Her style is bohemian meets minimalist but always with a connection to organic shapes and textures. The bridal line is inspired by Boston Ferns, Eucalyptus leaves, and the Monserrat leaf. She has substantial statement pieces that can go soft and elegant, but also edgy. She also has incredible hair pins with bold colors that can be worn in a wedding do, or in an every-day bun.

Click through the gallery to get an up-close view of Sarah's work. These are all hand-crafted out of solid brass, bent and intricately designed with hand tools.

How can you integrate more sustainability into your choice of hair pieces?

  • Buy local (get re-familiarized with Etsy!)

  • Chose a durable build that will last and that can be re-used

  • Buy natural materials because they are renewable and can be re-used

  • Make sure those materials are ethically sourced and fair trade

  • Stay away from plastics unless they are recycled AND recyclable

The Accessories:

Meta Morph also hand-crafted jewelry and designed special pieces to complete these wedding looks. Her vision was that these pieces are simple and beautiful, looking fabulous in any wedding, but they're also excellent gifts to give to your friends for being a part of your big day! If you're looking for wedding party gifts, look no further.

From hammered pearl earrings, to a delicate pearl bracelet, to garnet and amethyst necklaces and a dramatic, deep-V accentuating lariat, her jewelry is quality and real and perfect for elegant yet edgy looks.

Click through the gallery to see some of the statement pieces like the amethyst monserrat earrings, and some of the delicate pieces, like its matching amethyst necklace.

How can you integrate more sustainability into your accessory collection?

  • Same as above, buy local with natural materials

  • Make sure those materials are ethically sourced and fair trade

  • Consider buying estate or vintage

  • For gemstones and diamonds, consider man-made alternatives

  • Stay away from plastics unless they are recycled AND recyclable

  • DON'T buy something just because it's cheap, chances are, real humans were exploited to create that cheap accessory for you.

The Hair and Makeup:

Heather Powers of Salon Synergy in Portland, Maine did the hair for these looks. She has a decade of experience as a stylist and an educator and is passionate about being on top of trends, but keeping hair functional and intricate for weddings. From down-do's for curly haired beauties, to beautiful up-do's that withstand windy beaches, she's got you covered. She does make-up to!

Neyda, AKA Ney, did the make up for these looks. She's a hair coloring wiz and also a brilliant makeup artist. We didn't talk about what the looks would be like, I just shared the mood boards, the dresses and the hair pieces and she created perfect makeup. I particularly love the natural, dewy and almost peachy tones that she used.

Check out the gallery below to see the hair styles and makeup looks up close and personal.

How can you integrate more sustainability into your hair and makeup for your wedding?

  • Look for a salon that is committed to green practices

  • Ask them about their eco-friendly products that are chemical free

  • Don't use glitter unless you know that it's bio-degradable (plant based or plastic-free-synthetic) or made from ethically sourced natural mica.

  • Even though it seems so 1970, make sure your makeup isn't coming from a company that tests on animals or uses cruel practices.

How can you integrate more sustainability into your hair and makeup at home?

The Flowers:

Harmon's Floral Company in Portland, ME is one of my favorite florists around, not only because they're always willing to work with me, but because they make beautifully dynamic bouquets and they always have unique special touches. The last time we worked together they included an olive branch that had olives still attached, and this time I got some berries in the bouquet that were still attached to their branches! Little touches like that make the floral arrangements so special to me. This time, I send a mood board of colors and let them know that eucalyptus was one of the inspirations, and they created this amazing bouquet and a greenery piece for our copper arbor. Those purple roses are jaw-droppers, while the combination of round eucalyptus and other jagged pieces created a dynamic and organic bouquet. Of course, the greenery piece on the arbor is to die for and it took this minimalist industrial loft wedding up a few notches. They sourced most of their flowers and greenery locally, reducing their CO2 footprint and supporting local small businesses. The ribbons - which add dimension and shape to photographs, so they're a particular favorite of mine - are natural silk, which is a sustainable textile instead of that shiny synthetic ribbon we're all so used to.

Cut the synthetics, go with silk.

Check out the gallery below to see the floral pieces up close!

How can you integrate more sustainability into your flowers?

  • Buy local (no one needs specialty flowers flown in from another country)

  • Buy seasonal (still no one needs specialty flowers flown in from another country)

  • Repeat

  • Ohh, and use natural fiber ribbons - you can't beat silk

  • When you're done with your flowers, donate them to a re-use organization or take them to a local nursing home to increase the amount of joy that comes from them.