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Portland, Maine Wedding Photography | Kelsey and Tyler

Kelsey and Tyler had their wedding at the Portland Press Hotel, a venue that is very them. It's dark, super moody, filled with books and typewriters, and Union, the restaurant, is AMAZING. When they booked their wedding, they hadn't yet had engagement photos so I pitched the idea of going to a secluded spot near Mount Washington for some epic, adventure style portraits. Check out that incredible adventure couples photography session here! Kelsey even says that this is possibly the most adventurous thing they've done together, which I am all about!

This wedding photography at the Portland Press Hotel was definitely outside of my norm because it was super dark with ambient light only for the ceremony. I was uncomfortable, for sure, but I really love being pushed outside of my comfort zone and I'm loving the result! These have a really classic, warm, and textured feel a la film photography of the 1930's, which is totally the vibe of the Press Hotel. Hair and makeup were done by one of my favorite hair color artists in Portland, Neyda Cervantes Whitehouse. Check her out, she's awesome and I love when your clients cross paths!

These two have a sweet little girl in their family, Olivia. She obviously was the star of the wedding when she left her grandpa's lap to go collect all of the flower petals she had previously thrown down. Moments like this, however imperfect, are the moments that make a wedding so special. Scroll on through to be transported back to some other time, and to check out sweet little Olivia doing her thing!

Kelsey + Tyler



Venue: @thepresshotel

Hair and Makeup: @neydoesmyhair

Catering: @unionportland

Jewelry: @daysjewelers

DJ and Video: DJ Dan Dibiase and @anthonydibiasephotography

Here at Elusive Photography, we think that printed art is the best kind of art, so I take the time to create custom wall displays for each client. See here for some of the images, frames, and layouts that I think are the best! If you're Kelsey's family, Tyler's family, or whoever, there is a layout customized for you. If you'd like to see these layouts on your own wall, get in touch and I'll share haw to get me the proper image of your wall so I can show you these art pieces at scale. If you'd like different images, or more or less, I can do that too! Just send me an email or get in touch via the contact page and I'd be happy to invite you to the studio so I can make sure that you're getting the perfect art for your home.

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