Reverie | Ainsley and Shepard | Cincinnati, Ohio

These sweet little ones joined me in Cincinnati, OH for a Reverie Session event and were incredible! It's a lot to ask anyone under 7 to pretend for a camera: there's typically some sort of meltdown. These two, however, were so mellow that even Shepard, who is two, did some amazing pose work for his dinosaur shot. Ainsley is all about pink and princesses, so we chose this beautiful pink flower field with a towering castle in the background. I love this soft look she has on her face - and look at those perfect hands! It's like she's studied the princesses at Disney. They have great soft hands too.

Shepard is my favorite dino picture yet. I went a different direction because he's so small that it would look odd riding the dino, and he's also too small to stand in front of it because the depth would make him too tiny. We thought that it may look cool for him to rawr back at the dinosaurs, as if he was playing with them or keeping them away from his little camp or something - but coaching facial expressions to a two year old is tough. Luckily, I captured this hilarious candid shot when dad was trying to coax a big, towering rawr, but Shepard was like "Whaaaaaat?"

I fell in love with the expression, so I put him in with the dinosaurs creating a new sort of story where the dinos don't really belong. I think it's fun to imagine that dinosaurs just show up in your backyard, I mean, I wouldn't mind?

It's my favorite dino portrait so far - let me know that you think in the comments below.

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