Reverie - Anna Grace and Elena | Cincinnati Kids Photography

Anna Grace and Elena are some amazing little girls who I met through our mutual familiarity with Cincinnati Children's Hospital. My older sister, Lindsey, spent much of her childhood, and still, at 28, spends a lot of time their getting care. I spent a lot of time there - not able to enter the room to visit because I was a kid - but playing those humongous video game consoles of the 2000's. Lily was with me a few years ago to visit and she couldn't go in the room so Bethany bought her this dog balloon that floated just above the ground and could "walk." We named it Coney in memory of the Cincinnati chili cheese coneys that I love - the vegetarian versions. Coney lasted for like 4 months with Bethany in Chicago and she had the nerve to bring it all the way to Boston to give back to a 3 year old Lily. I popped it one night and she lost it. I just couldn't. Sorry, Coney. RIP.

Anna Grace faces some medical issues just like Lindsey, ones that don't make her any less of an amazing person, but that make kids look at and treat her differently. While I can't blame kids for being curious, I can challenge parents to better prepare their kids to encounter someone who has a disability of any sort through communication and exposure. Anna Grace has a unicorn leg - seriously - it's amazing. As amazing as I and her mom and family may think it is, she understandably struggles with accepting and being proud about her differences. Unfortunately, I couldn't show it off in these photos because her dress was long and the flowers in all of these scenes go past it. Whether it's visible or not, my goal is that Anna Grace looks at these and feels satisfied with how her body looks in this reality, that she can become comfortable with those feelings and slowly integrate them into her actual reality, and that they will be something she's excited to show off to her friends. Photographs can be really powerful for those who struggle with self acceptance, and I really hope that this is a helpful tool for her.

She wanted a photo with a unicorn, of course, so I made a new and special unicorn scene for her. For little Elena, I was told to do something with a castle because she didn't know what was going on and it really didn't matter, but she loves princesses. Even if she doesn't know what's happening now, she will grow to love and cherish these (I HOPE!)

I knew that these beauties would be displayed together as a set, so I made them a cohesive trifecta of art for these amazing little sisters and it's one of my favorites yet!

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