Reverie - Jude | Airplanes and Airports | Cincnnati, OH

This little guy is Jude. You may recognize him from a Maine Coast family session back in June. That is because the same time his mom booked me for a Reverie event in Cincinnati - where I’m from (generally) - she booked a family session where I currently live - in Maine - because they were vacationing here. What are the odds? 

Anyway, I was so excited to create some new and thrilling Reverie images using Jude’s family’s airport and planes. Obviously the little guy loves flying, how could he not? 

We wanted to create a photo of him flying the plane, but he just kept cheesin’ at me through the little window and I could not pass that up. How adorable?! 

Check out the photos and share some love! See more in the Reverie portfolio and contact us for pricing and availability. 


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