Reverie | Lacey, Landon, and Olivia | Cincinnati Kids Photography

These three have some awesome parents who reached out to me to join a Reverie Session event that I held in Cincinnati in July. All three kids were excited and chose their own backgrounds. They even chose amazing rental outfits for their session and all of them left wanting to wear them home (hat and all!).

The whole point of Reverie photography is to create amazing images for parents, but also to collaborate with the kids to bring their own visions to life. I mean, we spend enough time taking control away from kids, why not give them some creative agency in a fun and stunning way?

Lacey rides horses so she wanted a dreamy horse and a pink dress. I tried hard to sell her on this rare hydrangea color, but I failed. Pink it was! Pink is perfect for her image, though. It is soft and beautiful and so her.

Landon fell in love with King Kong and was super excited for this image. We picked a cool vintage outfit for him that makes him look like he's an explored straight out of early 20th century England.

Olivia is a spunky little one who LOVES the camera. Thanks to dad who modeled her horse, we got a perfect image of her looking into the horses eyes. Perfect! Also, her dress jingled when she moves, so we had her shaken' it the whole time ;)

Stay tuned for more Reverie sessions! If you're interested in booking a Reverie session for your little one, contact us to ask about availability. In the mean time, check out the portfolio for inspiration.Learn more about what a Reverie Session is all about here.

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