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Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Regan and Nick showed up really excited about their Reverie session, except Nick was so chill that I couldn't even tell! I had to have him yell at an imaginary T-rex, telling it to run from an imaginary comet to get him to use his facial expressions. It was pretty fun and he ended up making some amazing faces! Lucky for me, he is the first kid to want the T-rex, which is super cool. His photo is the first and it is amazing!

Regan wanted to pet the unicorn like many kids do, but since she was older and could hold still longer, we created a new type of interaction. Her hands and gaze are PERFECT for this shot - she did a great job! They look like the best of friends.

For their third image, they wanted to do the explorer scene together. While we were shooting this, a humongous storm rolled over Cincinnati so it felt eerily real life. I love that Nick is channeling The Thinker and Regan looks like a powerful commander (not The Handmaid's Tale type commander, a ship commander . . . am I the only one who can't use that word anymore without getting the creeps?)

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