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L & V Sisters Portrait

I'm lucky because I got to grow up with TWO sisters. One older, one younger. We had some incredible times, and at the same time, I wonder how my parent's kept it together. This one time, we were getting ready to leave for a family holiday party, and all of a sudden, my little sister came down the hallway pushing her mattress on its side. I asked what she was doing and she remarked with a vigorous sass "I'm moving in with Lindsey and I'm staying there forever!" She was apparently mad at me for something, so I shrugged and said "alright, but that's the final ruling, you're never coming back to my room."

That very night she regretted her decision, but my parents stood behind the decision and that's how the geography of our house stayed until I moved out at 18 (at least 7 years later 🤣).

Another time, that same little sister legit stole almost my entire closet of clothes to take to Columbus for the summer with our cousins (two hours away). I have always had a killer intuition, so I came home early and quietly discovered her plan. She hadn't left yet, so when she went to the bathroom, I took my clothes back out of her suitcase (which was craftily buried in her car) and threw them in the washer and started it so she couldn't get them back. When I told her that she should probably take some of her own clothes or risk having none, that girl straight up started a cat fight and tried to rip my hair right out of my head. See, that's the thing about sisters. . . she was ready to kill me for taking back the clothes that she 100% stole from me. Just another day.

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Unicorn Reverie Image

Luckily, these two sisters, L and V, aren't at that stage yet (and hopefully, parents, they won't get there!) They were fun and playful and had this beautiful bond that I still admire. For instance, we were taking these adorable little portraits and I turned for a second to say something to their mom, and then they were both gone, running off with a trail of giggles! I suppose our photoshoot was done. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Moments like that are beautiful and, no matter whether I was ready or not, I could only smile with satisfaction at the love for each other that they have that allows them a life packed full of joy.

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The reason I met these two beautiful little people is because we were planning a Reverie Session! They each got to choose their own scene, while we also created something together. V wanted to be a mermaid, which is one of my favorite scenes to create! It's always fun finding the motion that fits, the animals that work around that motion, and then creating a cohesive scene that works together. I really love this one, because V flashed me a stunning look at one point that conveys grace but also a sort of omnipotence in her scene. I love most of all when little girls show me power in their demeanor without even trying! My hope is that V sees this everyday and leaves her home with the confidence that she's worthy and powerful no matter the environment she's in.

Reverie kids photography is fine art photography for children in Florida, Maine, and Boston!
Mermaid Reverie Scene

L, on the other hand, wanted something totally new. She wanted to be a warrior and she wanted a dragon, but no castles! Honestly, I was a little worried, because I have a no violence policy with my Reverie images and dragons tend to go in a violent direction with slaying and all of that. Every dragon request I've had thus far had been a request to slay a dragon, and I just can't do that. That doesn't mean I won't do dragon images at all, they just have to be a more neutral scene. One of the reasons behind the no violence policy is to help kids create art that can be the basis of a variety of different stories. If there's a dead dragon, though, that's the end to a much, much narrower set of possible story lines. Sure, kids can imagine whatever they want! L could very well be slaying this dragon one day, but the next, she and the dragons could be working together to topple a medieval dictatorship. Who knows? That's the beauty of Reverie images. They're meant to instill confidence in kids and also inspire endless creativity in the creation of new realities. Luckily for me, L wanted to ride on the back of the dragon and didn't even mention a sword :)

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Dragon Reverie Scene

All of my sessions include complimentary wall art design. I do this because, in the end, I'm more than a photographer, I'm a print artist. Your images, especially Reverie images, are created to be hung on the walls, not to live on Facebook or our phones. If you're a podcaster, take a listen to the episode of On Point linked in the previous sentence.

I've learned that a big barrier to printing out wall art is time, and of course, not really knowing what to get or from where. Luckily, I've done all of the hard work for you and have tested out many, many print labs to chose the best canvas provider, the best print provider, and the best frames. Not only are these all extraordinary museum quality pieces, but they're also eco-friendly and sustainably and ethically made! These mock-ups of the art are meant to help you envision the sizes because most clients I've worked with, even after using a mock up to help decide, end up regretting their decision and wishing they'd have printed larger. I think things are best done right the first time around, so I'm here to help guide you in any purchase decisions! Just shoot me an email and we'll figure it out to get the art on your walls asap!

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