The Baby Plan! Maine Newborn and Baby Photographer Capturing a Year full of Milestones

First year birthday photography at our professional photography studio in Portland, Maine

Well, after a lot of brainstorming, collaborating, and sending cold emails to businesses I admire, it's here!

The Baby Plan is a milestone photography plan, but it's also so, so much more. See, my photography is art that's meant to turn moments into treasured heirlooms, but it's also a way to give back to the community, to flex the values I care a lot about, and to share and support other amazing businesses who are doing the same.

What does all of this mean for you, an exhausted new parent? Well, it means 3 things.

1) You get to make one decision about photography and then a whole year of milestones will be captured for and delivered to you. You don't have to remember to book every few months, I'll take care of all of that planning, the coordinating, and the reminders.

2) You get promotions and discounts from businesses that we've hand selected who will help you out in your first year with baby, and do so in a healthy and holistic way!

3) You get to be part of the family we've created that's full of honest education, support, and community based parenting. Not only do you have access to green and sustainable methods of baby care, but also holistic care! We also provide eco friendly print products and provide free things when you engage in our specialty recycling programs!


Newborn photography and newborn baby photos at our Portland, Maine photography studio
Newborn Session

baby boy photographer in Portland, Maine
Tummy Time Session

six month old boy photography in portland Maine
Sitter Session

first birthday baby photography in Maine
First Birthday Session

Family photography during the fall in Portland, Maine
A Free Family Session in Year Two!

The Baby Plan is meant to be easy for parents, and also accessible for a variety of families. To do that, we've made it an add on to a Newborn Photography Session, that way, even if you've missed Newborn Photography, you can still join!

What it includes:

The Baby Plan includes two sessions that may take up to an hour. The first is a Sitter Session, this takes place at about 5-7 months depending on the baby, and is meant to capture the fun of your little baby who's just discovered the joy of sitting upright. This is a great period of growth because the smiles are big, the giggles are full, and leg rolls are lush. The second included session is the First Birthday Session. This is around a year old and can include a cake smash if you'd like. This captures walking sometimes, but most importantly, it's the photographic celebration that your family has made it through the first year! A milestone that at one time seemed forever away.

The Baby Plan is intended to be a package of three sessions, and it's designed to be an add on to a Newborn Session, which would be the third. If you've missed the Newborn stage, no worries! We can do a six week session, or wait until about 3-4 months for a Tummy-Time Session! If it's too late for that, we can also chose to supplement an 18 Month Session. You'll want three sessions to be able to fill out the Year End Product and to appropriately represent baby's adorable changes.

Year End Product:

The Baby Plan doesn't include any art as it is, you have to chose a Year End Product Collection! These products are hand selected for new families and will fit a variety of spaces, budgets, and styles. You can chose the album collection, the canvas collection, or the really cool print collection that comes with a larger piece of abstract art for display! Each Year End Product Collection comes with a print release for the hi-res digital files, but you can also forego that cost and simply buy the Year End Product without the Collection.

Each Product's cost is pro-rated so that you're paying for each piece as it's ordered, then at the end of the year, you'll get the final item, which is an album box, a floating shelf, or the abstract art. Now, you'll have a beautiful wall display that will live in your hone for decade to come, surely being one of your most treasured heirlooms.


For every family who completes the three sessions and finishes out their full Year End Product, I provide a free family session in Baby's second year! Most families book during the fall, but you can do a beach family session, or something in the springtime blooms.



Portland Prenatal Massage offers pre and post-natal massage in Portland, ME! Julia is a mom of two, and has created a space where expecting and new moms can relax, get some relief from aches and pains, and know they are in a safe, non-judgemental space. She understands all the stresses that come with pregnancy and motherhood, she doesn’t judge, and welcomes anyone who needs a break. Her practice focuses almost solely on prenatal/postpartum massage therapy, so she's made it her goal to be the best at what she does. She uses orthopedic cushions that allow moms to lie face-down during, and after pregnancy, she even encourages new moms to bring newborns to the sessions so they can get some much needed work done after the birth!


Dr. Rachel specializes in prenatal, pediatric, and whole family chiropractic care. Utilizing the Webster technique to balance pelvic biomechanics can decrease pregnancy aches and pains, allow for optimal fetal positioning, and decrease the need for labor interventions. Being born is hard work. Dr. Rachel recommends every new baby gets checked by a chiropractor, as even the gentlest birth can cause trauma to the spine and nervous system of the baby. Chiropractic care has been shown to help with a number of early childhood problems including difficulty breastfeeding, colic, digestive issues, and ear infections just to name a few.

House Cleaning:

The Maine Maid will clean your home on a recurring basis with organic, natural products making sure that all of your surfaces are safe for baby! She's great in homes with pets and with other messy siblings. You can chose to have your home cleaned weekly or bi-weekly, or she'll come for some deep cleaning before baby arrives!

Eco Friendly Baby Product Store:

"Hello, we're The Spicers, the family behind The Eco Baby Co™. Tahwii, aka Mom, is the boss lady and passion that fuels the business. Daddy is more of a behind the scenes guy, while the kiddos help us decide what products are the best!

It all began with Tahwii's love for all things natural and baby long before the kiddos came along. As a former baby planner, doula, and infant massage instructor she owned In Natural Harmony, a holistic maternity concierge & baby planning service. Becoming featured in Pregnancy & Newborn magazine, Holistic Parenting magazine, and Indianapolis's Fox59 News.

Once our son arrived, it was time for a change. As a family, we decided to take on a more leisurely lifestyle and spend more quality time together. That's when The Eco Baby Co™ (formerly Simply Natural Baby Store™) was born!

We walk the natural path in just about all aspects of our lives as much as possible, choosing organic, sustainable, ethically sourced options, heck we even had a natural home birth! This transfers into the products we choose to share with your family.

If a product is truly natural, non-toxic, and safe