The View at Pepperrell Cove Wedding Photography | Paul + Patty's Welcome dinner

Michele reached out to me one day in May asking if I would photograph this welcome dinner for her son and soon-to-be daughter in law. It was during a three week intensive law class and I promised myself I wouldn't take weddings (I'm trying to work on my work-life balance). Michele was so, incredibly kind, though, that I figured a few hours meeting her family and checking out the beautiful The View at Pepperrell Cove in Kittery, Maine would be perfectly worth it, so I said yes! Boy, I'm glad I did, because not only was this welcome dinner was not only beautiful, but it was filled with awesome people, a bunch of artists, and some shared connections to a really wonderful culture.

This was a destination wedding for all of the guests, which is why capturing the Welcome Dinner was so important to the family. I was blown away at the decor, too! Just look at this brilliant royal blue, the details that the groom's sisters and mom put into the design, and the clever table names serving homage to Pennsylvania sports teams! There was a New England caricature artist providing portraits to daring family members, ice cream just down stairs, a killer view of the marina and, most importantly, beautiful cultural touches in the speeches and on everyone's place setting!

At dinner, instead of an alcoholic toast, Michele passed plates of penguins shaped toast with different flavors of jam. Everyone was a little confused until she gave a touching speech and, in honor of those on their sobriety journey, asked everyone to raise their penguin (Pittsburg hockey) toast to toast the couple! There were lots of laughs, some tears (from me), and plenty of joyful munching to kick off dinner.

In honor of this fab couple, leave some love below in the comments and check out The View and New England Caricature Co. to create some of this magic for yourself!

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