Winter Wonderland

To be honest, I really don't like the cold.

I pretty much go from my house to my car to the next warm place, spending as little time as possible outside.

I'm just a big baby about it. (Why do I live in Maine?)

But, when a couple reaches out with a winter wedding or a winter engagement session, I get all the excited feels. (Because it's beautiful, that's why!)

Winter landscapes are dramatic and dreamy and, of course, I'm all about those jewel tones.

Sasha and Nick are having a fun filled, movie worthy, schooner wedding on the high seas this summer, but wanted a dramatic winter wonderland engagement session.

Heck, yeah! Sasha picked the perfect location, too.

Oddly enough, in January we got rained out! But fresh snow and above freezing temps gave us perfect conditions for this luscious, loved filled, first-thing-in-the-morning photo shoot.

I had never been to Pineland Farms and was a little overwhelmed at the size of the place. I knew there were beautiful spots on the ski trails, but I don't ski! Anyway, we walked around and found some of the most incredible locations for hugging, loving, secret whispering and snowball fights. I am partial to the clean-bottomed forrest. The woods would be so much nicer if there wasn't so much messy brush, you know?

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