York, Maine Golf and Tennis Club Wedding | Evelyn and Garrett

Evelyn and Garrett have moved away from home, but came back for a coastal Maine wedding that is a dream for any couple. They chose to get married at the York Golf and Tennis Club, which has a beautifully vintage venue space that's perfect for a truly Maine wedding. This was their first photography experience as a couple, but they seemed like pros - just look at their couple's photos and I think you'll agree! I'm so lucky to have been chosen to photograph this amazing York wedding, it's truly amazing! Evelyn chose colors from soft blue to peach, with punchy blue suits on the men. Her gown was the daintiest of laces and it matched perfectly with her various heirloom touches. As you're looking through the wedding photography, check out Garret's engraved ring, it's REALLY cool!

Watch this slideshow for some tear jerking and absolutely stunning moments.

When Evelyn first reached out about her wedding photography, I threw my pitch about having a plastic free wedding, which I do for everyone. She got all excited because she's a chemical engineer who works in fuels and is SUPER into being eco friendly however possible! She was immediately on board and I was so excited. We met up at the York Golf and Tennis Club for a walk through and we had a chat with the venue about switching out their straws, plastics, and other items, because usually the food and drinks are the big trouble areas. Little did we know, that the venue was already using compostable single use items. AMAZING! Thank you Evelyn and YGTC for doing your part to make this a wasteless wedding.

If you're interested in learning more about the program, check out my Plastic Free Wedding Guide.

Here's there story:

Despite crossing paths periodically on the University of Maine campus, Evelyn and Garrett were not introduced until they sat next to each other during spring semester of senior year in a Wind Energy Engineering course. They definitely flirted at house parties, but they did not hang out outside of class one-on-one until graduation weekend. When they finally did, their connection was electric and it was evident to both of them that this was something special.

After getting to know one another throughout the summer, Evelyn drove off to Pittsburgh to obtain her Master’s degree. A week after she left, Garrett called her to state in no uncertain terms they were destined to be together. Nine months of long distance culminated in moving to a quiet neighborhood in northern New Jersey to begin their lives together. Moving in together felt like a risky step, but now they're are so glad that they took the plunge when they did. They have since moved to San Diego and Dallas/Fort Worth, and they're a true dream couple!

What's the most exciting/horrible date you've been on?

Our first "date" was not officially a date which made it both exciting and horrible in the best possible way. Garrett took Evelyn to dinner at When Pigs Fly Restaurant & Pizzeria in Kittery, Maine. At that time we were just hanging out as friends, but something about the setting made us both think that our relationship could be something more if we wanted it to.

Each of you, what is your favorite quirk about the other?

Garrett: I like how cute she is. I don't know how to explain it, but she is extremely feminine and says/does things that I never would think of. Plus, she is always so happy.

Evelyn: I noticed this right away when we first started hanging out, and I still think it's endearing--Garrett's mind races so fast that sometimes, when he's trying to explain something that he's passionate about, he ends up stumbling over his words because he literally cannot speak as quickly as his brain is thinking.

So, I have this policy that during weddings, couples portraits and the first look are for me and the couple only. I've made a few family members grumpy over the years, but I will zealously advocate for the alone time, because often, this is the only alone time the couple gets all day.

For Evelyn and Garrett, they soaked it in and set aside more than an hour for their portraits while we traveled all over the grounds. This one moment, I had them together and I asked Garrett what he was most excited about . . . he said that he can't wait to make a family with Evelyn, he's excited for pregnancy, little babies, and all the joys of parenting.

She cried for real and it was a total shock - definitely one of the best moments of the day. See those reaction images below, they'll make you cry too!