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Fun with Santa Giveaway! 


Fun with Santa

November 4th only

This Holiday's Limited Edition Sessions are so much fun! It's the second year I've introduced my Fun with Santa Sessions and I couldn't be more thrilled. You'll get access to one of New England's most familiar and sought after Santas, but dressed in a modern, cozy, and approachable way. This year, you'll be welcomed into Santa's Workshop, a colorful and modern set that focuses on your kids and their unique creativity as they join forces with Santa to create a custom toy creation of their own. We have multiple toy options and sizes available, and a host of washable, non-toxic paints, as well as markers and stickers. 


You'll be able to use my kids and women's wardrobe, and you'll have custom product options to choose from in a new set of Packages that are only available for Limited Edition Sessions.


Book a session for just the kids, siblings, a set of friends or cousins, or even your pets! You may also book multiple slots if you have multiple kids (and want individual portraits of each), or if you'd like both group and individual portraits.


These Sessions will be hosted at the Dana Warp Mill in Westbrook Maine, and includes 20 minute time slots for either 1) an individual child, 2) a group of up to three kids with Santa, or 3) a family of up to 5 without Santa. You must book multiple slots if you have multiple kids (and want individual portraits of each), if there are more than three kids in a group, more than 5 in a family, or if you'd like group AND individual portraits. There will be a separate are available for your kiddos to finish painting their toy if they aren't done when their time ends. (You may pick the toys up once they're dried, or take them wet). 


The Booking Fee is $99 per Session and you may either book a Package, or choose products and digital images later. 

10% of every Package or Purchase will be donated to Dance for ME (formerly Darby's Dancers) at Drouin Dance Center in Westbrook, Maine to support free dance classes for friends of all abilities.

Don't want to wait to win? 

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