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Maternity, Newborn and Family Photography in Falmouth, Maine

I'm Emily and I'm your portrait photographer. I'm fun, laid back, excellent with babies and kids, and I've got an arsenal of funny sounds that never fail to get adorable looks! Camera and lighting skills are important, but my ability to make you feel calm and confident, to efficiently communicate, and my ability to handle even the biggest toddler freak outs and newborn tummy problems are the real important things that you need to know about me and the photography experience that you're about to have. 

Working with me means you'll have a luxury experience where you get to just show up and look great. I provide wardrobe and wardrobe consultations, hair and makeup is available, and I'll take care of all of the location and posing work. From the first time we meet at a consultation to the hand-delivery of your products, you'll be catered to and taken care of the entire time!


My home base is in Southern, Coastal Maine out of my Falmouth photography studio. At the studio, I offer Maternity Photography with a full wardrobe, Newborn Photography, Baby Photography, custom Kids and Family Photography, and Portrait Photography.

Get in touch to see when I might be hosting a Pop-Up in Cincinnati or at other US coastal locations.



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Maternity Photography in Maine

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Heirloom Artwork

Most of us have a camera in our back pocket, but that doesn't mean that we're all photographers. The kind of portraiture that I offer goes well beyond the digital display of my work, and includes customized, hand crafted artwork that will live on for generations. Take a moment to look into the future, do you really see your great grandkids reminiscing about how cool you were by going through Facebook galleries? No way! Creating artwork with me means creating a piece that will wow all of the future generations of your family, and that means creating something that will last. Visit the Investment Page to see more of the fantastic artwork I offer. 


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and birth


and babies


and kids


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