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Privacy Policy

I really care about your privacy. Here are my policies in simplified, real-world talk.


When you book a session with me, both of us will sign a pretty involved contract. Why so long? Because it's educational and explanatory and I value educating clients. I have a whole section devoted to our use of your images and every clause within that section is opt-in. That means, you have to say yes to allow me to display your images on my site, or social media, or to submit a session for publication, or to use in trade use or for other business purposes. Why do I do this? Because I understand that there are safety concerns for some people and no family should miss out on excellent photography because the photographer refuses to work without a signed model release for all uses (or charges a privacy fee). I think privacy fees are un-ethical, plain and simple. Also, model releases cover a variety of uses, so why be all-or-nothing about it?


The information I collect from you is always kept to a minimum. Name and email is critical, and an address to send products and holiday cards. I keep all information secure through our client site, our secure website and our client management service, 17Hats. 

Payments made to me are kept on Stripe. Only I have administrative access to these platforms and devices from which I could access the information are encrypted and protected from intruders in various ways. In order to provide you with excellent service, your basic information like name and email may be spread between various service providers, but I keep that to a minimum however possible. 

My Promises:

  • I will always value your privacy

  • I will never make reasonable privacy requests a cost or a prohibitive factor to receiving photography.

  • I will never sell your information.

  • I will never share your information or images without your permission - including to fellow vendors.

  • I will never put your information at risk by using sketchy businesses or unsecured devices or websites.

  • I will always notify you if your information has been subjected to a data breach from one of the systems that I rely on.

  • I will only share information with law enforcement if subpoenaed or presented with a warrant and I will notify you promptly unless explicitly prohibited.

  • I will permanently delete your data from all of our systems within 30 days of a formal request in writing.

  • If safety issues arise, you may revoke a previously signed model release clause by executing a new contract with me.

  • You can un-subscribe from emails - although I'd really love to have you keep up with things! 

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