I am a mom to a seven year old, an NPR and gym addict, a lover of black coffee and potato chips, a sharply square law student, a master of run-on sentences, a motorcycle riding, Coast Guard veteran, and an adventurous, no holds barred type of creative. What weaves throughout and connects all of these pieces of me is that I love people - how they act, how they feel, how they move about through time and space - and I love the relationships people have with each other, and with the planet. 

I am bold and unafraid to speak up, I strive to constantly improve, and to push the boundaries of what the every day can be. I am a gypsy soul, a maker, a provoker, and a deep thought thinker. I question norms, and remove expectations. There is no perfection, there is only ever trying to be better.

Read on to learn about why I do what I do. . .

More 'bout Emily

I began photography way back when I was a teenager obsessed with fashion photography. I didn't go to school for it, though I've been in college for just about everything else. I prefer to learn on my own and I've perfected the art of self-teaching on a super fast-paced track (thanks internet).

I focus my portraiture on the creation of heirlooms. This includes wedding photography, but only a select few who align with my values and who are looking for the highly customized, collaborative approach that I take. Most of the time, you can find me working with pets and babies, who are strikingly similar in the personality traits that they require (patience, calmness, and intuition). If you bring me your baby, I'll quickly snap into grandma mode (even though I'm in my 20's) and I'll lull them to sleep real quick. Quick tip, rub their eyebrows when they're trying to fight sleep. If you bring me a pet, I'll shower then with love and will 100% give them the zoomies - "Can't catch me!"

Why so Crunchy?

My motivation to be in business isn't for subjective benefits like the ability to travel, be my own boss, and do things that I love and that inspire me. Rather, it is that I get to shape the values of my business and how it impacts my community and the industry in which it is situated. I have always felt the need to make a big impact in the world, whether through law or advocacy or activism, and I didn't always know how photography fit into that. I've realized, though, that many big changes start in the community, and small businesses can help spur consumers into action through those relationships. 

To have positive impacts on my community, I implement a whole lot of sustainable and green efforts through the client interactions I have, the gifts I give, the way I conduct business, the products I offer, the events I hold and the community partnerships I chose to participate in. Also, there's the blog where you get a taste of the intensity and passion I am known for. Check out the Plastic Free Wedding Program and have yourself a sustainable and waste-free wedding! 

Even more, I am able to give photography to families who couldn't otherwise access it and other members of the community help me achieve that through donations and by purchasing packages for themselves. 

Basically, I'm crunchy because I can, because I need to be, and because it's partially my burden to teach others how to care for our environment in a more conscious and sustainable way. Check out the The Baby Plan, The Plastic Free Wedding Guide, and learn about privacy. Contact me if you have ideas!

Being green is important to us, which includes reducing waste and incentivizing sustainable habits. Learn more here! 

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