Reverie Session

Reverie Photography

The Reverie Session is unique to Elusive Photography. It's our way of engaging your kid's creativity so they can help create their own portraiture.


We've seen enough of the hard work getting kids to "say cheese" only to get something that looks strained, so we decided to invite the kids to help create their own image! 

We think creativity is a great thing for kids to have, as well as control over their own art whenever possible. The Reverie Session is the perfect way to turn their imaginations into art that can hang on your walls for decades. 

The Reverie

Design Session

After you've booked your Reverie Session with us, we'll get in touch to have a Design Session! This is where we Facetime with your kids, talk about their vision, and decide on a general scene with any of their specific requests.


Then, we'll talk outfit, hair, accessories, and more to make sure their scene is its absolute best! We have a limited clothing wardrobe available in the studio and more available to rent in the perfect size and color for your little ones.



Photography Pricing

Pricing for Reverie Photography Sessions start at $500 and include a custom, couture wardrobe and a hands-on design experience for your little ones. You can chose a single image, or you can chose the Story Book Collection and create art for an entire story! 

Contact us for details pricing and we'll meet to show you the Products, wardrobe, and all the beautiful things to inspire your child! 

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