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Wedding photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography


Wedding Photography

It is official, in 2023 I will no longer photograph weddings other than special requests. I find it hard to part with these beautiful images, especially since so many clients come back for baby and family photography, so I'm going to keep this page up for memory's sake. Take a look and enjoy! 

If you'd like family portraits in these creamy and dreamy styles, just reach out. If you're one of the special ones who wants me to photograph your wedding, also reach out by email or contact form.

Wedding photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography

York Maine Wedding Photography-97.jpg


Destination Wedding Photography

My wedding photography blog focuses on helping clients learn how to have a more conscious and eco-friendly wedding with less waste. I also try to help inform clients about all of the different ways that wedding days play out and to show how each wedding is unique and beautiful.
Head over to take a look at the educational blogs and also to view samples of full wedding day coverage, elopements, and intimate weddings! 

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Couple photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography

The Wedding Photography

You've undoubtedly done your wedding photography research and you know what you like. In case you're having trouble describing what you're seeing, here is the story of my art. 

I see weddings as more than the pomp and circumstance, it's about the creation of a new family and the joining of all of those who shamelessly support and love you. My wedding photography is documentary in nature, I will capture the ugly crying, all the laugh lines, the giggles and scrunchy noses, the gentle touches, the hilarious dance moves, and all of the other authentic moments as they happen. My focus is on the people you love, and the details that reflect your values, and  hard work.


These images are taken through my aesthetic lens, which is one that looks a lot like water color. I love soft greenery, the blues of the sky and water, a dreamy and airy feel, and an unapologetically happy mood. My wedding portraits are crafted to look like fine art, worthy of hanging on your walls, fitting with your curated decor or on a beautiful gallery wall working cohesively with your other favorite art pieces.

I don't just provide snapshots, I provide evocative art. 

Wedding photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography
Maine Beach Wedding Photography-26.jpg

Plastic-Free Guide

Maine Wedding Photography

Eco-Friendly and plastic-free weddings are super important to me, and I'm proud to say that most of my clients agreed! From impact-less elopements in Acadia to stunning, full sized weddings complete with composting and no single-use plastic anywhere, we've made a great impact over the years.

You still have access to the Guide below, so check it out and see how you can clean up your own wedding. Enjoy! 

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Wedding photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography

Couples & Engagements

Maine Couples & Engagement


If you're in love, you should celebrate that with a photography session capturing your love-filled looks, your squishy hugs, and the gentle way you hold hands. Couples photography isn't reserved for anniversaries and engagement sessions, they're fitting for whenever you feel like it! 

While I've stopped photographing weddings, I still do couples portrait sessions - I just call it a family session. If you're into my work, reach out and we'll get you scheduled. 

Wedding photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography

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