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Investing in your Legacy

I don't think I could have come up with a more obnoxious way to say "this is what photos cost" but, here we are. All jokes aside, though, portraiture really is an investment! Sure, it's an investment in terms of money, but also time, energy, and emotions. How many times have you heard a horror story about someone having great expectations from a photographer only to be let down, and that amount of emotional devastation stained their experience of that life event? That's because we emotional invest in our portraits for a number of reasons, which makes it even more important to hire the right business and be sure of your investment.

On this page, you'll be taken through a Step by Step Guide to your experience. Then, you'll get a quick overview of Session Fees, you'll see some starting prices for products, Collections, and Digital Images, and you'll learn about the Payment Plan. You'll be able to view the Studio, too! Finally, you'll see some of the most popular products and learn about what makes them special. These are totally worth a look, there are videos, and beautiful images, so keep scrolling! 

How it Works

How it Works

First: Consultation

The Consultation is a great, time-efficient way to meet me, talk about your needs, wishes, and vision, and to go over the products and pricing together. You can visit the studio in person, which is particularly helpful if you're interested in Maternity or Newborn photography, or we can schedule a Zoom chat. Consultations typically take about 30 minutes.

My product and digital image pricing is a la carte, meaning you only buy what you want. That's great for you, but it's more difficult understand at a glance since clients can spend anywhere from a couple hundred dollars and into the thousands. During the Consultation we'll go through the Price Guide together and I'll explain anything you may need to know including what most clients do in certain situations. That way, when you leave the Consultation and I send the pricing with you, you'll be fully informed and can talk over the options in private. 

Second: Booking

After the Consultation, I'll send along the pricing and some booking date options for you. This will accompany a Quote, followed by a Contract and Invoice for the Session Fee. Did you know that my Contract has opt-in Photo Sharing? That means my contracts are private by default! I only share your images on my website, social media, etc. with specific, opt-in approval from you, and that's always revocable! 

Finally: Your Session

The day of your session has finally arrived! Hopefully you feel confident and without stress, because all of the difficult things are my job. Are you weird in front of the camera and worried about it? Don't worry, my attention to detail is annoyingly meticulous, so we'll get perfect shots from toe to finger to hair wispies! Whether we're meeting on location at one of Coastal Maine's gorgeous beaches or parks, or whether we're working in my cozy, boutique studio, I'll make sure that your experience is one to remember for all of the right reasons.

Last: Reveal + Ordering Appointment

After the Session, I'll hand-edit and finish your images, pre-design some products, and put them into a sweet and touching slideshow. We'll meet on Zoom or in person, watch the slideshow together, and finalize your product orders, whatever they may be. This appointment is the most efficient way to order your products or choose your digital images and it's helpful to have me there to narrow down choices, give thoughts about design, or to re-make mock-ups as you try out new options.


After you're made your choices, you'll be sent an invoice and an online gallery containing your image choices! You may share this with friends and family and, of course, download any digital images like right now. When your products arrive, I'll hand-deliver them to local clients and install any wall art. 


Did you know that I offer Payment Plans for Collections and Product purchases? I know what it's like investing in memories and legacies, and I know that it's not always easy to pay for it at the time you want the memories (like when you're having a baby). So, instead of offering financing or requiring credit cards, I offer a 0% interest Payment Plan option to extend your product payments out over time. You'll get your products with a deposit, and digital downloads will come when payments are completes. It's flexible and easy, tailored to you, and clients really appreciate the trusting relationship.

Yay! A start-to-finish experience I hope you rave about!



Session Fees

Session Fees are the retainer to reserve your date (or approximate date). They include the initial Consultation, any design work, access to the Client Wardrobe, time, travel, turnaround that is typically about a week, and the Reveal and Ordering Appointment! 

Maternity (in studio/on location): $200

Newborn (in studio/in-home [lifestyle]): $300

Baby (in studio): $150

Family (in studio): $200

Family (on location): $300

Pets: $200

Collection Options

Collections (or packages) aren't the primary way that client purchase Sessions and Artwork, but they are fairly popular for multiple life events like the birth of a new baby. You can learn about The Baby Plan here, and Bump to Baby is Maternity and Newborn Sessions combined in a convenient Collection. 


Petit Newborn: $950

Baby Plan: starting at $450/mo

Bump to Baby: starting at $1,600

Starting Pricing

My Price Guide will be shared in a consultation, but here are some relevant starting prices. Because you may purchase items and images a la carte, the amounts that clients spend vary drastically. $600 is generally the least that a client will spend, and there isn't a maximum. The average client spends between $1,500 - $4,000 depending on the session type(s).

Add Ons: $75

Digital Images: $200/ea

Full Digital Galleries: $400

Heirloom Products: $1,300

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