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The Baby Plan

Celebrate their Milestones

The Baby Plan is my effort to help you in the first year of your newest baby's life! I know it's hard, it goes by too fast and also really slowly all at the same time. It's overwhelming, and oh, so tiring. 

This is a one-choice, all-inclusive option that encompasses the entire first year of baby's life. It's designed to be easy on overwhelmed parents, and consistently adorable and timeless. Check out the information here, and book a consultation to go over pricing and Collection Options. I hope you join the Baby Plan Family! 

Baby photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography

The Portraits


Newborn Session


The Newborn Session is the beginning of a new life and is one of the most loved pieces in a family's story. This is where we highlight baby's features and also it's the first time you'll get a family portrait! 


If you've missed the Newborn Session stage, we can supplement with an additional Tummy Time session (about 4 months) or an 18 Month Session! That way, everyone gets three beautiful milestone sessions to watch their baby grow.


Sitter Stage


Your Baby's first milestone that we plan to capture in the Baby Plan is the Sitter Stage. This is a ton of fun because they have great facial expressions and they can sit in a way that lets us see all of those great little leg and belly rolls.  

This stage ranges from 5-8 months usually, and you should make sure that they're able to sit unassisted and wave an arm around before bringing them in. If Baby can do the tripod, that's usually a good indication that they're almost ready!


Walking Stage


As you're likely well aware, Baby's first steps are a huge celebration! This often occurs close to the one year mark which is also a wonderful celebration of loving parents who've nurtured and fed and challenged their precious little human. 

Walking Stage sessions should occur when baby can stand in a sturdy way or walk, even if this is at the 16-18 month mark. It's the milestone that's important, not the date. 

Baby photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography
Alaia 1 Yr-11.jpg

What's Included? 

The Baby Plan is an all-inclusive option for families looking to capture the family in this important first year. Maternity may be added on.


Booking The Baby Plan gets you a single price, which means no Session Fees, no A La Carte Pricing, and no Digital Upgrades. It's automatically split into 12 monthly payments, and after the first payment we'll tentatively schedule the Newborn Session, the Sitter Session and the Walking Session! You'll also get a complimentary Family Session in Baby's second year if you complete the Baby Plan.


Your only major decision will be which Collection you'd like and any customization that is needed. All Collections include digital images from all three Baby Plan Sessions. We've crafted the options to cover a variety of styles and needs, and to save you money and effort during an already wild and crazy first year.

Get in Touch! 

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