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Maternity Photography

Luxury Maternity Photographer in Maine + Travel

I aim to make your experience as effortless and stress-free as possible. If you're worried about swelling, color issues, breakouts, or thinning hair, no worries, I'm a photoshop pro. If you want to try on some luxury gowns and have fun with it, I have a full wardrobe available for you. You may also like to try nude or semi-nude portraits where you can be shaped and painted with shadows. Worried about hair and makeup? I offer an in-house hair and makeup artist that you don't even have to worry about scheduling, they'll come to my studio prior to your session and do a complete hair and makeup look right here. 

In case you were questioning your worth, you're about to take on the task of birthing and raising a human child, you definitely deserve to have an amazing Maternity Photography experience for yourself.

Birth Photography

Maine Birth Photographer

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Birth Photography

Birth photography isn't for the faint of heart, but it captures one of the most amazing parts of being a human and a parent - the moment a new life is born!

Given the unknowns, I photograph births in the greater Portland, Maine area and take a limited number of clients. Whether it's a home birth, hospital birth, or even a C-Section, get in touch with me and we will discuss the options that may work for you and your birthing journey. Pricing starts at $2,500 for

on-call services.

Birth photography in Portland Maine by Elusive Photography
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