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If you've followed my wedding photography at all, then you know how important it is to me to not only work on sustainable weddings, but to share other businesses and vendors who prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly wedding alternatives!

Well, this inspiration session is a brilliant gathering of so many wonderful businesses who share my values! Carianne and Ashley reached out to me over the winter about photographing their Earth Day inspired wedding, and they had heard that I was the go-to green wedding photography gal!

That felt good :)

We gathered at the Tannery Loft, a beautiful and huge event space in Norwood, MA, and spent the day making beautiful music, photos, video, and all of the amazing product you will see.

Sustainable weddings don't have to be rustic and they certainly don't have to be low quality. Sustainability is about choosing products that are ethically sourced, that are waste and carbon conscious, and that are designed to last, be reused, and then to be low or zero waste in the end. For this wedding, that included a preserved moss wall that can become a piece of your home afterward, or reused at another event! It also included hand-made pottery that can be used as guest gifts, or to use again for generations. The dresses are made with eco friendly materials or recycled vintage dresses that were made anew and dyed to make them something special.

Take a look through the photos and read about all of the amazing businesses who created this inspiration session. Book them for your own wedding, they won't disappoint!

Boston wedding and event photographer
Carianne of Events by Carianne

Maine and Boston wedding photography
Poppy gown from Silviyana Bridal


Events by Carianne is a New England and Upstate New York wedding planner. She offers lifelong event planning for the confiding, kind hearted and adventurous soul.

"When Ashley asked me to come alongside and help plan + design this eco friendly styled shoot I was 100% on board. I’ve been trying to incorporate being  less wasteful living a more natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle in not only my personal life but business as well. I believe plastic is a huge issue in our world and we need to start thinking about how much we dispose of. It is not only bad for the environment but bad for our bodies as well. Most Plastics now have chemicals that can seep into our food and cause harmful things to happen. One way I reduce my use of plastics is by swapping out all my plastic storage containers and baggies for glass ones and reusable bags, bringing a tote to the grocery store and using silicone lids to save food. I also like to encourage my clients to use all glass or china plates And glassware in there wedding rather than choosing disposable. There are so many little  steps we can all take to improving our environment and life!"

I totally second Carianne's recommendation to skip the plastic at weddings, there's just no good reason to use and dispose of plastic when you can rent china, silverware, and other food/drink necessities!

Hair and Makeup - Ashley Melanson:

Top Knot Beauty is Ashley's newest venture that sparked the whole idea for this shoot! It's difficult to find hair and makeup artists who use low waste products, so when she reached out to me for this session, I was beyond excited!

"My company, Top Knot Beauty specializes in effortless and romantic beauty for the free spirited souls. We also strive for eco friendly beauty. We use only the cleanest of products and focus on cutting down waste by using bamboo disposables instead of the standard plastic. Our product arsenal consists of products like Glo skin beauty, AG hair, & Amika. 

Glo skin beauty, AG hair, and Amika all are free of parabens, phthalates, MIT, MCI & artificial colors. They are also cruelty free and never test on animals!

I came up with the idea of an eco friendly shoot because I think especially in my industry it is so overlooked how much waste we can produce. Sanitation is my number one priority which means using only disposable products for my clients. That being said, It is so hard to find disposable mascara wands, lip stick wands, etc that aren’t made of plastic! At the end of a wedding you can have piles of used implements that need to be thrown away, and then what happens?!? This was so eye opening to me!! I love collaborating with other creatives and creating beautiful things, but what I love more is beauty with a message! I want people to know that there is an eco-friendly way to have these special events!"

Ashley's totally right, the waste at the end of a wedding can be huge, especially from the makeup application. If your makeup artist can't avoid the plastic disposables, check out TerraCycle and get them the beauty product bag so you can be assured that waste will be recycled by a company who can handle it. Small pieces of plastic like that can't be handed by most municipal recyclers, which is why paying someone like TerraCycle is necessary. If you're a makeup artist looking for a solution, buy one of the beauty product boxes! I have one in my studio and collect plastic whenever I can. It's been a year and still isn't full. Learn about more solutions in our green-wedding guide and learn about some of the very makeup brands that Ashley uses!

Wedding photographer in Boston, MA.
Top Knot Beauty's Ashley Melanson

wedding and portrait photography in Boston, MA.
Eco Friendly Makeup and Loose Curls


Kadeema is a boutique design studio and rental company based in Boston, Massachusetts catering to clients looking for unique items for any type of celebration, event, or living space.

"We cross-pollinate and collect the best items from the grandest eras, decades, and design periods for short or long term use.

Several of our products for the eco-friendly shoot such as our Tweetie settee were unique vintage items that were refurbished or in original condition. Using existing furniture pieces instead of buying new is a great way to help the environment by decreasing material waste production and carbon emissions from fabrication and delivery. We also used several of our rattan or wicker tables that are made from renewable resources without any chemical adhesives or finish products."

Renting items is in itself eco-friendly because the items are at least going to be used many times and they'll likely be sold at the end of their life to a family who