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Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Own Wedding Album or Framing | Maine Wedding Photographer

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Why you should invest in Professional Wedding Albums and Family Albums

So you had a professional photographer at your wedding (or for a family or newborn session) but you opted for "just digitals" and now you don’t know what to do with them. Chances are, your photographer has plenty of options to help you sort through what would work best for your lifestyle as well as information about properly archiving them. Instead of trying to print your own albums, or frame your own prints, let the actual professional help! You don't go to a fancy restaurant and ask for the ingredients so you can DIY your own plate, right? Don't do that with your favorite chef, and don't do it with your photographer either. You're hiring an artist and an expert, and that goes beyond editing the images, it also includes printing them. Read on to learn why you should entrust the album or print making to your photographer and buy products from them, even though it costs more. This article is written in the wedding context, but it's applies just the same for Family, Newborn, and Pet Portraiture.

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Most families who decide to get "just the digitals" never get around to actually making that album or framing those prints on their own. In fact, most of the families who come to me for newborn and family portraits tell stories of past photoshoots that are either lost in cyberspace or buried deep on a hard drive somewhere. Even I have to admit that I didn't get around to doing Lily's baby albums until she was 5 - and I was super nervous about loosing them the entire time!

The hassle of uploading and designing your own album can be VERY overwhelming and time consuming, and the amount of choices out there is dizzying. Archival printing and framing takes expertise and proper materials, and store bought frames just won’t do the trick. They also won't last long enough for your grandchildren and great grandchildren to share in your memories. Sure, maybe having access to the digital images for social sharing with out-of-state family or for the peace-of-mind of archiving is important, but that should be your second priority when dealing with important family memories, not the first.

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Sure, it costs a little more up front to invest in quality art, but you’re paying for the expertise of the photographer, printer and framer – but that also means you're relieving yourself of all of their responsibilities. As a mom, I know the burden of emotional labor and ALL the of decisions that can come with making an album or printing art (the choices of pictures, the layout, design, logistics, etc.); having an expert take something so important off of my to-do list is an amazing feeling. Knowing that a professional understands your needs and can shoulder this whole process is priceless. As the generations change, young families are spending more money on services that give them time back, I hire a maid, for instance, because an extra hour in the evening to spend with my daughter is more important than the cost of her services. Think of photography the same way, you're paying for someone to do something that would take you away from other important things you need to do.

At Elusive Photography, I provide a white-glove experience, which means the album design or framing choices wi